Four lovely NCC students: friends of diverse backgrounds

Position Statement on Diversity

We encourage and support equity in our educational programs, policies, campus life, employment, extracurricular activities and community involvement.

In our efforts to value diverse voices and perspectives, we strive to:

    • Provide equal opportunity and equal access to education.
    • Recruit and retain a diverse student body, faculty and staff.
    • Promote a campus climate where respect for and appreciation of differences are priorities, and where individuals co-exist without prejudice or bigotry.
    • Integrate multicultural perspectives throughout the curricula.
    • Analyze the diverse needs of our constituents and ensure that our services, organizational structures and institutional priorities address them.

The college embodies this vision through the actions of a variety of groups and initiatives on campus, including through the Diversity Committee, through student activities and clubs, and through creating a "safe space" on campus for the LGBT community.