Monroe Alert
Due to continuing water system issues, a boil water advisory has been issued which will affect the Monroe Campus through Wed., Feb. 28. "Do Not Drink Water" signs are posted at all water sources and bottled water will be available in Pocono Hall at the Food Court area at no charge.

Fact Book

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I. Service Area

Service Area Description (PDF)
Population of Service Area (PDF)

II. Admissions

Applications (PDF)
Yield Rates (PDF)

III. Student Enrollment

Fall Credit Enrollment Since 1967 (PDF)
Fall Credit Enrollment Last 5 Years (PDF)
Fall 2017 Credit Enrollment by District and Race & Ethnicity (PDF)
Fall 2017 Credit Enrollment by County Map (PDF)
Annual Unduplicated Enrollment Last 5 Years (PDF)
Annual Unduplicated Enrollment - Fowler, Last 5 Years (PDF)
Penetration Rates for Northampton & Monroe Counties (PDF)
Average Section Size - Fall and Spring (PDF)
New Student Fall Enrollment History Last 5 Years (PDF)
High School Graduate Participation Rates (PDF)

IV. Fall Credit Enrollment Trends - Total

Credit Enrollment Trends - Fall 2017 NCC (PDF)

V. Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff by Full-time and Part-time (PDF)

VI. Student and Graduate Outcomes

Fall to Spring Persistence Rates by Gender & by Race/Ethnicity, Last 5 Years (PDF)
Graduation History - Total Awards (PDF)
Number of Awards by Type (PDF)
Graduates by Transfer and Career Program Last 5 Years (PDF)
Graduates by Gender Last 3 Years (PDF)
Graduates by Race and Ethnicity Last 3 Years (PDF)
Pass Rates on Professional Certification Exams (PDF)
Placement Highlights (PDF)
Placement Comparison by Graduating Class (PDF)
Placement By Transfer And Career Program (PDF)
Graduate Outcomes - Alumni Survey (PDF)
Percentage of Graduates Who Stay In the Community (PDF)

VII. Financial Aid

Financial Aid Dollars Awarded - Last 5 Years (PDF)
Financial Aid Recipients - Last 5 Years (PDF)

VIII. Institutional Revenues and Expenditures

Revenues by Source and Expenditures by Category (PDF)
Grants History - Last 10 Years (PDF)

IX. Monroe Campus

Fall Credit Enrollment at Monroe Campus Since 1988 (PDF)
Credit Enrollment Trends - Fall 2017 Monroe Campus (PDF)
Annual Monroe Campus Unduplicated Credit Enrollment Last 5 Years (PDF)

X. Online Learning

Credit Enrollment Trends - Fall 2017 Online Learning (PDF)
Annual Online Learning Unduplicated Enrollment (PDF)