Architecture SuppliesThe greatest landmarks throughout the world have something in common with homes, places of businesses and ordinary stores and restaurants that the public utilizes every day – they were all designed by architects. Architecture is an art, and the science of designing and building structures has far-reaching effects; architecture actually determines the way we experience and move through life.

The 21st Century, especially, moves with technological advancements and provides a constant need for new and remodeled residential and commercial building and attractions. Architecture students looking for a program that fosters their passion for creating can find it at NCC, where the coursework combines a mixture of academic, design and advanced computer technology classes.

The Associate in Applied Science degree readies students for transfer to professional architecture schools and provides each student with strong design skills and technical experiences. The design studio sequence is the focus at NCC, as this is where the design fundamentals are acquired and where theoretical concepts are applied.

Students are guided by industry professionals in developing design processes based on their own unique visions. At the same time, they’ll also learn to work as part of a design team. All projects are organized to build understanding of architectural fundamentals.

Architecture StudentNCC is a member of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, and the department has an active chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), which provides students with leadership opportunities and offers activities to enhance the classroom and studio experience. Each graduate of the program will prepare a capstone project that will provide hands-on experience in the field. Students who qualify may choose to complete a professional internship for course credit.

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