Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology StudentsGet on the Fast Track: The automotive technology programs at NCC drive students toward good compensation programs linked to some of the world’s greatest names in cars. The AAS degree teaches a high level of technical understanding of the current developments in the automotive service field. Diagnostic, repair and inspection services are among those covered in the program. In addition, the Automotive Service Education Program (ASEP), in partnership with General Motors and area dealerships, focuses on classroom and laboratory work at the College as well as supervised work experience at a sponsoring GM dealership, leading to an AAS degree.

Likewise, the Chrysler College Automotive Program (CAP) is housed on the NCC campus, culminating in an AAS degree after classroom and laboratory work at the College and a supervised dealership experience. Graduates from the ASEP & CAP programs receive credit for approximately 80 percent of the manufacturer’s training required for their technicians.

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