Computer Information Technology

Computer Information Technology StudentsIn a world where technology drives workforce, students in the Computer Information Technology program have the ability to pick up the building blocks of computer technologies and understand how they fit together.

After two years, this knowledge can be applied in the workplace; graduates of the program are expected to effectively communicate and analyze information related to computer systems, configure and maintain those systems, and develop solutions to programming problems.

The courses in the core are chosen to develop specialization in a selected skill area; the curriculum’s first year lays the framework for basic systems and applications, while the second year allows student to choose from three areas of specialized learning: networking, security and application development.

Networking: In the working world, everyone’s best friend is the IT specialist. The networking option gives students the extensive hands-on experience and training necessary to become a successful professional who deals with the administration of operating systems, state-of-the-art network hardware, and repair and maintenance.

Application Development: An Applications Developer identifies the needs and changes that support an organization’s infrastructure. Students pursuing this option learn to develop software while focusing on database systems, do object-oriented programming, client and server-side scripting, and Web server administration.

Security:The issue of system security and the need for people with a full set of skills is a challenge for many businesses and organizations. Areas of study include Data Communication and LANs, Network Security and Operating Systems, and Laws & Ethics of Computer Security.

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