Honors Program

honorsJoin a Vibrant Community of Learners: The honors program at Northampton Community College is designed to help our most academically prepared students reach their fullest potential.

While we focus on academic excellence, we also foster a sense of community involvement and responsibility through service learning projects, outside learning experiences, and collaborative learning environments. The program nurtures a sense of civic engagement, individual excellence, and cooperative spirit.

Honors courses are taught by faculty interested in promoting scholastic excellence and enriching students' academic experiences with special projects, community events, and an emphasis on experiential learning. Some of our outside learning experiences include attending plays, and meeting the actors and directors; meditating at an ashram; visiting museums and cultural centers in Washington, D.C.; attending and/or participating in scholarly lectures and conferences; and participating in service learning projects that connect students to their wider community.

Students may complete the honors curriculum as part of any major. Each semester, students will be able to choose from a variety of honors courses as part of the general education core in every program.

Enrollment Eligibility: Students may enter the honors program directly out of high school, or as an already-established college student. You may qualify for the program in one of several ways:

  1. Have a 3.5 high school GPA (on a 4.0 scale) or...
  2. Have graduated from the top 20% of one's high school class or...
  3. Have a 3.5 college GPA after 12 credits or...
  4. Get a recommendation from someone familiar with one's academic abilities and have an interview with the coordinator of the Honors Program.

All students must complete an application for NCC and the honors program, and must meet the NCC placement requirements for English I. Honors courses are offers at both the Main and Monroe campuses."

honorsCompletion Requirements: Students are designated honors program graduates on their transcripts if they have completed 12 credits (four courses) of honors coursework with a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Scholarships: April 1st of each year is the application deadline for students who have qualified for the Honors Program. Students may also qualify for an Honors Program Scholarship.

Explore New Directions: The Honors Program offers creative and challenging coursework that allows students to take greater responsibility for their own learning experience. The curriculum stretches the parameters of their abilities. Participants in the program will connect course content to out-of-classroom learning experiences. Honors students will be exposed to the principles of their disciplines, and complete a major creative project (e.g. a multimedia presentation, artwork, portfolio, supervised lab research, research paper) by the end of their classes. Other assignments and learning experiences are designed to engage students' intellectual curiosity and to encourage critical, creative thinking.

Honors classes are often smaller, seminar-style classes, and include opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to take charge of leading class discussions and presentations.

In any given semester, the following Honors courses are available:

  • Biology: Contemporary Biology
  • Communications: Speech Communications
  • Chemistry: Chemistry in Contemporary Society
  • English: English I & II, Irish Literature, African American Literature, Literature: Shakespeare
  • Geography: Contemporary Middle East
  • History: American History I & II
  • Philosophy: Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics & Moral Problems, Asian Philosophies
  • Political Science: Introduction to Political Science
  • Psychology: Introduction to Psychology
  • Sociology: Principles of Sociology Honors Program Student

Fellowship: Students have an opportunity to get involved in this club that supports and promotes the Honors Program at NCC. The club develops a sense of community among students and provides feedback and planning for development of the honors program and related trips.

NCC offers a number of scholarships thanks to contributions made by individual, corporate and foundation donors to the Northampton Community College Foundation. Scholarships are awarded based on a variety of factors, including major, academic excellence, and financial need. A listing of all scholarship opportunities available at NCC can be found at http://www.northampton.edu/scholarships .

Honors students often qualify for such scholarships, and their accomplishments may also lead to additional merit-based scholarships at many transfer institutions upon graduation. The Community College Scholars Program provides an opportunity for Honors students at Northampton Community College to take credit bearing courses at Lehigh University.

Each semester, the Honors Program staff will nominate students (with a GPA of 3.25 or greater) to take one course at Lehigh University at no charge. Accepted students are responsible for books and course materials.

The program not only aims to establish a relationship between Northampton Community College Honors students and Lehigh University, but also provides incentive and motivation for talented students to pursue professional careers, academic enrichment, and advance study. All questions concerning this program should be directed to the Lehigh representative at 610-758-4802.

honorsTransfer agreements and potential scholarship opportunities specifically for Honors students have been facilitated between Northampton Community College and Albright College, Arcadia University, Dickinson College, and Lehigh University. These collaborative relationships will enable NCC Honors Program graduates to complete baccalaureate degrees in two years. Admitted students may also be considered for scholarships at these individual institutions. To be eligible to participate in these agreements, students should meet with the Honors Coordinator. Students may also visit www.northampton.edu/Articulation-Agreements for details about each individual Articulation Agreement and to find out minimum GPA requirements and application deadlines for each institution.

For those who graduate from NCC with an associate in arts or sciences, the College has over 90 agreements with more than 35 public and private four-year colleges and universities, making the transfer process easy for students. And through the statewide Academic Passport, students graduating from NCC in a transfer program accumulate the credits needed to transfer to any of the universities in the PA State System of Higher Education. Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor or the Honors Coordinator to prepare plans for transfer. Core-to-core agreements and program-to-program pre-arrangements stipulate the exact major courses, general education courses and electives students should take to make the transfer to a four-year institution seamless.

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