JournalismJournalists are Curious about The World around Them: Students who keep up on everyday events and have a keen sense of awareness of how news is gathered and reported in this digital age will embrace the hands-on approach offered in NCC's Journalism program. Students are expected to "learn by doing," and work in the field by covering events around the Lehigh Valley or at the College.

A good journalist likes to be where the action is, enjoys interviewing people and uncovering facts, and can deal with multiple deadlines. Students in the program develop good research skills and learn from veteran journalists how to report clearly and accurately, and with a sense of ethics and fair play.

Multimedia exposure: With electronics and technology dominating the front lines of reporting, journalism students don't go to college looking for careers in just print media. The Journalism program at NCC focuses on magazine, television, radio and Internet reporting, as well as photography, multimedia production and more. These are the skills that editors and businesses want for the 21st century. Students of the program also become critically aware of the diverse functions of the media (entertainment, informational, propagandist, ideological) and how they affect society and culture.

Hands-On: All Journalism students are expected to participate in the college newspaper, The Commuter. There are also opportunities during the semester to engage in discussions with reporters and bloggers both inside and outside the news media.

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