Radio TVA Communications Revolution: The 21st century has opened up a communications revolution. Radio/TV students are entering the program at a time when the number of information channels sending news to people around the world continues to increase every day. NCC prepares students to become creative leaders and innovative thinkers, and sends graduates out into the field who have learned through hands-on experience.

Produce a Show. Get it On Air: NCC allows students to get a taste of all of the functions going on in a real TV or radio station. Microphones, cameras, mixing boards, lighting and other technical equipment are all utilized to help students hone their skills.

The goal of the program is to inspire students to achieve their goals through the department's use of current technology. Students also keep up on emerging technology and learn the difference between researching and writing copy for a show and actually getting it on air.

Become the Eyes & Ears of the Public: When video, photo and voice are added to real-world news, those reporting and producing it become the eyes and ears of the public. Now more than ever, the public is shaped by media and culture. Students in NCC's Radio/TV program are asked to critically evaluate their own work and the work of others to determine the best possible methods of communicating to an audience.

From Workshop to Real World: Students majoring in Radio/TV have access to the College's media lab and recording studio, and work with local broadcasters and businesses on student-produced cable and radio shows. This preparation readies students for internships, transfer, or positions in media companies. Students are prepared for the working world where creativity is mandatory and every day presents a new challenge to tackle the task of connecting with an audience.

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