Secondary Education

Secondary EdThe secondary education program is designed for students who intend to teach a specific subject (such as English or history) at the high school level, or grades 7-12. Students in this age group are highly impressionable and at a point when their actions are beginning to have consequences on the rest of their lives. They need teachers to help direct their energies in positive directions. Their teachers need to be able to help them learn the valuable skills necessary for success after high school, either in vocational settings or for further education. A good high school teacher is able to teach the same skills in a variety of different ways in order to accommodate every style of learner. As part of the course work, students participate in a variety of field experiences that provide opportunities to observe and interact with students in a range of grade levels.

The Secondary Education curriculum is designed for students who intend to transfer to a four-year bachelor's degree program. Because high school teachers usually instruct in a specific area, the major is designed to prepare the student to teach a specific subject at the secondary level. Students should work with their advisors to determine the subject area and to select their courses based upon their specialization. The program is offered at both the Main and Monroe campuses, with day and evening classes available.

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