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Due to the weather all NCC sites are closed Friday, 11/16. Tonight's performance of Pillowman is cancelled. Saturday's Open House in Bethlehem will be held as planned. Watch for updates.

New Student Checklist

What To Do Immediately After College Acceptance

What to do As Soon as Possible After College Acceptance

What to Do As School Approaches

Welcome to Northampton! We're excited you'll soon be learning here. Our job is to help you prepare for college, and we understand that sometimes, starting your academic journey and making sure you have all of the proper paperwork and payments taken care of can be a confusing process. The following checklist has been prioritized for you. Each item corresponds to a page in the Welcome Packet, which you can also click on and flip through. We advise reading this entire list or the Welcome Packet to understand requirements, options, and when to complete tasks.

What to do IMMEDIATELY after your college acceptance:

  1. Mark your calendar with school start dates:
  2. Request your academic transcripts be sent to NCC:
  3. Apply for financial aid and scholarships:
  4. Determine English and Math placements:
  5. Apply for housing (if applicable):
    (housing application may not be available online depending on when you get accepted)


  1. Check your NCC email:
  2. Register for (and attend) orientation:
  3. Purchase health insurance (if needed):
  4. Consider applying for additional opportunities:


  1. Pay for classes:
  2. Obtain student ID Card:
  3. Subscribe to emergency alerts:
  4. Buy books and course materials:
  5. Review important notices: