Refund Policy Room and Board

A separate refund schedule applies to housing and meal plan charges. A resident's room rent is refundable on a pro-rated basis prior to the 5th week of the semester according to the following conditions:

  • Request for room rent refund is submitted in writing to the Student Activities/Housing Office, AND
  • Resident formally checks out of room/apartment

The room rent is refundable if the above conditions are met on a pro-rated basis as follows, less any outstanding balance on the student's account:


Rent Percentage Refund

First week of semester


Second week of semester


Third week of semester


Fourth week of semester


After Fourth week of semester


Meal Plan A, B, C is fully refundable prior to check-in. After check-in, the meal plan is refundable on a weekly pro-rated basis minus a $50 processing fee up until the 10th week of the semester. After the 10th week, all meal plans are non-refundable.

Meal Plan D is fully refundable prior to check-in. If the student checks out after check-in, the unused balance is refundable minus a $50 processing fee. After the 10th week of the semester, meal plan D is non-refundable.

Processing Fee will be charged to all meal plan refunds. The $50 processing fee will be charged for all Residence Hall residents who move to the apartments and request a decrease in meal value. Approved medical withdrawal will not be charged the processing fee.

How you get your refund

All refunds are disbursed from NCC by BankMobile Disbursements. Students will receive funds to their selected refund preference. Students should visit when they receive a Refund Selection Kit in the mail. 

Refunds will only be paid to the student according to their refund preference except for a) contractual third party payments - refund payable to the third party named, and b) excess parent plus loan funds - refund payable to the parent named in the academic calendar. Refunds for amounts paid to NCC by check are not processed until 2 weeks after the payment was deposited.