You Deserve The Most

Meet Esmeralda.

She watched her older sister drive to and from classes every day. She realized that her sister was missing out on crucial time that could otherwise be devoted to school and work. So, before Esmeralda started attending NCC, she decided to live on campus and make the most of being a student resident.

Join Esmeralda and nearly 600 other students living on-campus in Northampton's residence halls. You'll be glad you did!

Students hiking on mountain

Break free from routine and challenge yourself.

Students studying

An environment for academic & social success

female student studying in room

Create a space of your own with symbols of your identity.

Housing On-Campus Recommendation Form

A Housing On-Campus Recommendation Form (PDF) is required to complete the Housing application process. If you have not turned this in, you will need to print this form, give it to your High School Guidance Counselor or Dean Of Student's Office (if you attended a previous College/Institution), and have the form returned to the Housing & Residence Life Office.  

View Residence Life Handbook (PDF)