350 Bethlehem

This club focuses on helping both the college community and local community to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. They also promote awareness toward becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable. For more information, contact Anita Shoup, ashoup@northampton.edu.

Acta Non Verba (Dance Club)

The purpose of ANV is to increase NCC's spirit through the art of dance. For more information, contact Tabatha Robinson-Scott trobinson-scott@northampton.edu.


American Dental Hygiene Association. For more information on this student club please contact club advisors Sherri Meyers smeyers@northampton.edu, Deborah Gschrey dgschrey@northampton.edu, or Lorraine Lockawich llockwich@northampton.edu.


American Institute of Architecture Students. For more information on this student club please contact the advisor Ken Trionfo Ktrionfo@northampton.edu.

Anime Club

An opportunity for fans of Japanese animation to watch and talk about a variety of anime titles. For more information on this club please contact the club advisor, James VonSchilling jvonschilling@northampton.edu.

Anthropology Club

The purpose of this organization shall be to expose the Northampton Community College (NCC) community as well as the local community to the field of anthropology and the work that is included. For more information contact, Alison Diefenderfer at adiefenderfer@northampton.edu, Andria Zaia at Azaia@northampton.edu or Susan Bachor at sbachor@northampton.edu.

Art Association

Sponsors several art-related field trips each year, as well as student art shows and other art-related activities. For more information on this student club please contact the advisor Bruce Wall bwall@northampton.edu.

ASID (American Society of Interior Designers)

The purpose of this organization is to promote interest in the profession of Interior Design, to unite Interior Designers within the organization, and to broaden the minds of designers through educational trips, films, lectures, and projects. For more information contact the advisor, Dan Ebner at debner@northampton.edu.

The Bad Apple Book Club (BABC)

BABC promotes literacy, critical thinking, and active reading strategies. The BABC believes that there is no such thing as a student who does not like reading, just students who have not found the right "gateway book" for them to appreciate that unique feeling of wonder and discovery that lifelong readers experience. For more information contact Heath Mensher at hmensher@northampton.edu.

Band of Brothers

The purpose of this club is to promote goodwill and perpetuate a common bond between brother and sister students and staff members at N.C.C. who have served or who are currently serving in the armed forces of the United States. The club will serve as resource to the college community regarding life and careers in the military. Students and Staff who have served or are serving in the military, including R.O.T.C., are encouraged to join us. For more information contact club advisors Diana Holva at dholva@northampton.edu or Michael Sparrow at msparrow@northampton.edu.

Business Club

NCBC exists to create an environment that promotes the discovery of business both conceptually and practically in order to bridge the gap between education and real world applications. For more information contact any of the advisors listed. Wendi Achey at wachey@northampton.edu, Anita Dickson at adickson@northampton.edu or Jeanine Metzler at jmetzler@northampton.edu


College and Hospital Association of Radiologic Technology Students," is also referred to as "CHARTS," The purpose of this organization is to improve and enhance Radiography Students' College, and Clinical Education; to develop a cooperative relationship between CHARTS, NCC, and Affiliate Hospitals; and, to advance the Allied Health Profession of Radiologic Technology. For more information, contact the advisor Lucy Keim lkeim@northampton.edu.

Christian Fellowship

Promotes spiritual growth and support. For more information on this student club please contact club advisors Eileen Finelli efinelli@northampton.edu.


Do you love to sing? If you do, then you will LOVE to be a part of the NCC Chorus, an innovative, multifaceted, and highly talented vocal group, available for enrollment with college credit. The only prerequisite for enrollment in this club is a LOVE of MUSIC, and a DESIRE TO LEARN. This vocal group will focus on performance, development of technical and practical skills, and total enjoyment of both sacred and secular repertoire, from THE VATICAN to BROADWAY! For more information contact Rosemary Haber rhaber@northampton.edu.


Student Newspaper. For more information on this student club please contact the advisor Rob Hays rhays@northampton.edu.

Computer Club (Linux)

For more information on this student club please contact their Brian Stokes at bstokes@northampton.edu.

College Life Committee

Composed of students, faculty, and staff, the committee shapes college policy such as smoking, recycling, student scholarship recipients and the cultural events calendar on both Main and Monroe Campus. For more information please contact Jeffrey Armstrong at jarmstrong@northampton.edu.

Criminal Justice

Enhances the student awareness of the criminal justice system. For more information on this student club please contact the advisor John Spirk jspirk@northampton.edu.

Early Childhood Association

Forms a basis for future professionals through networking and advocacy. For more information on this student club please contact the advisor Melenese Sivells at msivells@northampton.edu.

Engineering Club

The Northampton Engineering Club promotes awareness of the engineering discipline at NCC, creates programming for those interested in engineering and its practical application, and teaches leadership within the engineering profession. For more information please contact advisor Bill Doney bdoney@northampton.edu.

Film Club

This organization's purpose is to develop and facilitate a variety of forums for campus discussion about film and the film industry, support student filmmakers, and provide filmmaker's art learning opportunities. For more information contact Timothy Molchany at tmolchany@northampton.edu.

Food Service Committee

advises Food Services with regards to catering, Food Court, Spartan's Den and Vending. For more information on joining this committee please contact committee chair Janelle Howey jhowey@northampton.edu.

Funeral Services Association

Officially named Sigma Phi Sigma, the Funeral Services Association is dedicated to the cultivation of professional skill, ethical conduct and a sense of social responsibility. For more information on this student club please contact the advisor Patricia Werner pwerner@northampton.edu.

NCC Pride Gay/Straight Alliance

Promotes social opportunities for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning students and their straight allies. We participate in local and national campaigns to raise awareness and educate our school and local community on GLBTQ issues. For more information on this student club please contact Darius Mooring at dmooring@northampton.edu, or Kate Yarbrough at kyarbrough@northampton.edu.

Good Growers

To provide members with opportunities to engage in gardening projects, both on and off-campus. For more information contact Kelly Allen at kallen@northampton.edu.

Hispanic American Cultural Club

Promotes and educates about Hispanic culture. For more information on this student club please contact advisor Alex Rolón arolon@northampton.edu.

History Club

This club gathers to further education of History, and to bring together like minded members of the college community who will promote History. For more information contact Dr. Brian Alnutt at balnutt@northampton.edu, Dr. Mike McGovern at mmcgovern@northampton.edu, or Patrick Grubbs at pgrubbs@northampton.edu.

Honors Program Student Fellowship - Supports and promotes the honors program at NCC by developing a sense of community among students and providing feedback and planning for development of the honors program and related trips. For more information contact club advisors Rebecca Martin rlmartin@northampton.edu.

Hospitality Management Club

The club is an active member of the Eta Sigma Delta International Hospitality Management Society. For more information on this student club please contact advisors David F. Schweiger dschweiger@northampton.edu or Lou-Anne Finn lfinn@northamoton.edu

Instrumental Ensemble

Open to instrumentalists of all levels. For more information on this student organization please contact club advisor Don Spieth. dspieth@northampton.edu

International Student Organization

Provides educational and social opportunities to all students from, or interested in, different cultures. The organization has recently co-sponsored trips to Washington, D.C., New York City, and Toronto. In addition, members enjoy day trips to adventure parks and professional athletic events. ISO provides the ability for both American and international students to experience the advantages of cross-cultures. It welcomes ideas for on-campus programs which promote increased awareness of cultural diversity. Ethnic meals, cultural entertainment and dress are featured throughout the semester. For more information contact student club advisors Patty Boulous pboulous@northampton.edu, Mark Orse Morse@northampton.edu, or Dr. Manuel Gonzalez MGonzalez@northampton.edu

The Laconic

Provides an opportunity for students of NCC to market, design, and publish a literary and arts journal called The Laconic: The Literary & Arts Journal of Northampton Community College. The magazine is published once a semester and showcases the artistic abilities of the students, faculty, and staff of NCC. For more information on this student club please contact advisor Michael Pogach, mpogach@northampton.edu.

Math Club

The purpose of NMC is to allow to all students to explore the importance of Mathematics. To publicize the Mathematics discipline at NCC and to discover and learn about the logic of Mathematics. For more information contact Alex Rolon at arolon@northampton.edu.

Model United Nations

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote student understanding of the United Nations and issues affecting the International community through educational and cultural experiences. Advisor: Vasiliki Anastasakos at vanastasakos@northampton.edu.

National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA)

Enhances clinical education and promotes humane treatment of animals. For more information on this student club please contact club advisor Dr. Lisa Martini-Johnson lmartini-johnson@northampton.edu.

NCC Sprouts Vegetarian Club

The purpose of this club is to be a place of learning and discussion related to veganism and vegetarianism for all NCC students, faculty and staff. Further, the NCC Sprouts Vegetarian club aims to push for a vegetarian and vegan friendly cafeteria through a specified group of individuals that will work alongside the NCC Dining Services staff. A primary responsibility of the NCC Sprouts club is the overseeing of the Meatless Monday campaign. This club will focus on the various benefits of a plant based diet. Efforts will be made to make this information readily available to the NCC community. It is not the intention of this club to shock individuals with obscene images of animal cruelty, but, to simply provide an arena in which discussions on the subject can take place. For more information please contact the club advisor Karen Klein at kmklein@northampton.edu.


Nursing Student Organization. For more information on this student club please contact club advisors Marie Everhart at meverhart@northampton.edu or Mary Vogl at mvogl@northampton.edu.

Outdoors Club

sponsors outings for hiking, rock-climbing, camping and more. For more information on this student club please contact club advisor Doreen Fisher dfisher@northampton.edu.

PAN African Caucus Togetherness

"Celebrating diversity and unity among one nation, many people." One World United serves as an organization dedicated to raising the level of awareness of the African Diaspora throughout the college community. For more information on this student club please contact Maudell McCurry mmccurry@northampton.edu and Sholomo Levy slevy@northampton.edu.


Paralegal & Legal Secretaries. PALS is extremely involved with campus and local community activities. The PALS Club has been able to sponsor numerous events and charitable organizations at NCC and the surrounding community by volunteering and donating profits earned through its fundraisers. PALS also provides educational activities for its members such as trips to the U.S. Supreme Court and the Capitol. For more information on this student club please contact club advisor Annie Laurie Meyers ameyers@northampton.edu.

Phi Theta Kappa

(Tau Gamma) is a national honor society that promotes community services. For more information on this student organization please contact advisors
Miranda Baker mbaker@northampton.edu,
Courtney Eger ceger@northampton.edu,
or Jennifer Del Quadro jdelquadro@northampton.edu.

Philosophers' Cafe

The Philosophers' Cafe facilitates honest and open philosophical exploration by the students, staff, and faculty of NCC as well as the surrounding community. The club seeks to be a resource for students enrolled in philosophy courses at NCC and/or planning to transfer and study philosophy. For more information, contact club advisor Ken Burak kburak@northampton.edu.

Poetry Club

The purpose of this club is to provide a place for writers, as well as those who enjoy reading poetry, to discuss and further their knowledge of the subject. The Poetry Club will also serve as a poetry writers' workshop with the goal of encouraging and advancing literary skills. For more information please contact the club advisor, Michael Pogach, at mpogach@northampton.edu or Jaime Gallagher, at jgallagher@northampton.edu.

Political Science Club

Political Science Club is a non-partisan group open to all NCC students regardless of major. It promotes student awareness in the political process and in world events through panel discussions, voter registration drives, and educational trips. For more information on this student club please contact club advisor Vasiliki Anastasakos vanastasakos@northampton.edu.

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is an academic organization for students interested in psychology, and promotes appreciation of the discipline through educational, professional and social activities. Contact club advisor Jeffery Armstrong jarmstrong@northampton.edu.

Residence Council

Eight individuals elected by the resident students to improve the quality of life for resident students. For more information please contact Residence Hall Director Richard Alleyne ralleyne@northampton.edu.

Science Club

Open to all students interested in the physical and life sciences; promotes scientific awareness by sponsoring guest speakers, field trips and other educational events. For more information on this student club please contact the club advisors Melissa Dowd mdowd@northampton.edu or Doris Kressly dkressly@northampton.edu.

Self Defense Club

The purpose of this club will be to provide tools for physical, mental and spiritual well-being as well as self-defense and recreation. For more information contact the club advisor Wesley Jun at wjun@northampton.edu.

Sign Language Club

The purpose of this club is to understand sign language, either for fun or to communicate with individuals with hearing impairments. The club is open to credit students, faculty and staff members of Northampton Community College. For more information, please contact Belinda Anderson at banderson@northampton.edu.

Ski Club

Organizes Ski trips, presents films and demos on techniques and equipment, and teaches non-skiers. For more information on this student club please contact club advisor Kevin Manna Kmanna@northampton.edu.

Skills USA

To unite in a common bond students enrolled in classes with vocational trade and industrial, technical and health occupations education objectives.To promote high standards in all phases of occupational endeavor including trade ethics, workmanship, scholarship and safety.Membership to all students enrolled in credit courses that prepares the student for further education and/or employment related to technology, the health industry, trades or industry and is earning credit toward a diploma/certificate or its equivalent. For additional information contact Jennifer Napierkowski at JNapierkowski@northampton.edu and Janice Kenyatta at JKenyatta@northampton.edu.

Social Work Club

The purpose of this club is to actively bring about awareness of the social work profession. For more information on this student club please contact club advisor Hope Horowitz hhorowitz@northampton.edu.

Student Senate

A student governing body composed of 4 officers and 11 elected positions. For more information on this student club please contact club advisor Frank Pologruto Fpologruto@northampton.edu or Teresa Donate Tdonate@northampton.edu.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is comprised of students, faculty, and staff who meet monthly to address campus issues regarding the environment. Our current focus is on recycling, plastic waste reduction, and engaging the college and larger community in environmental learning through practices of sustainable agriculture. To get involved contact professors Karen Klein kmklein@northampton.edu or Kelly Allen kallen@northampton.edu.

Students for Collegiate Professionalism

The mission of this organization is for the students to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the professional workplace by promoting the value of networking, professional appearance, interpersonal communication, and leadership development. For more information contact Greg Martin gmartin@northampton.edu or Jeremy Snyder jrsnyder@northampton.edu.

This is My Body Project

The club exists to create a safe environment for people to express their inner most thoughts and fears concerning their body image, with the hope and understanding that our community will positively build them up as a means to create healthy body image and confidence for them. For additional information contact the club advisor Catherine Grozier at cgrozier@northampton.edu.

Urban Arts Association

The purpose of The Urban Arts Association is to assist in the empowerment of the urban community and student body. Through the arts we will empower students to achieve academic success and interact with various people in our community. The Urban Arts Association recognizes that it will take academic excellence, perseverance, and struggle for our youth to be successful. Through the arts we will address this topic and create an environment that fosters growth and opportunities to succeed. Membership is open to all credit students at Northampton Community College who subscribe to the purposes of The Urban Arts Association. For more information, contact club advisor Richard Alleyne, ralleyne@northampton.edu.

Video Club

Provides hands-on experience for media production majors. For more information on this student club please contact club advisor Dracie Claus Dclaus@northampton.edu.

WNCC (Radio Station Club)

The club serves as a medium of entertainment, publicity, public information, and education. For more information on this student club please contact club advisor Dracie Claus Dclaus@northampton.edu.

Women's Club of NCC (WCN)

Promotes women's culture and awareness and expands the educational experience of women at Northampton Community College. For more information on this student club please contact club advisor Karen Anderko kanderko@northampton.edu.

Young Americans for Freedom

The clubs mission is to promote the ideas and values of the conservative agenda . For more information contact Michelle Blease at mblease@northampton.edu

Zeta Kappa Psi (Sisterhood)

the purpose of Zeta Kappa Psi is to nurture, empower and support its membership academically and socially and to create an atmosphere of respect and unity between the students and Northampton Community College. For more information contact Catherine Rue crue@northampton.edu or Wendy Watkins wwatkins@northampton.edu

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