Monroe Student Clubs

All clubs and organizations are open to NCC students, faculty, and staff.

International Student table at a fair.To get involved, just email the club advisor for more information. If you don't find what you're looking for, think about starting you own club at the NCC Monroe Campus. Please see the Student Service Office for information and forms.

Anime Club

The Anime club delivers an opportunity to explore the art of Anime. Students watch anime clips and discuss the different aspects of the productions. For more information contact Michalene Grebski

Adults & Non-Traditional Students Club (ANTS)

The Adults and Non-Traditional Students club offers a space for students of the adult or non-traditional demographic to connect and support each other. The group focuses on addressing needs of this demographic on-campus. For more information contact Rosalee Boyer, Tyrone Wright, or Renee Demund

Art Club

The Art club provides a space for students to explore the history of art, develop an artistic skillset, and showcase their artistic talents to the NCC community. For more information contact William Rusk

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers was founded to promote goodwill and perpetuate common bond between students who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces and the staff and non-military population both at NCC and in the community. All students are welcome and encouraged to join this organization. For more information contact Hazel Carrera or Theresa Butler

Business Leaders Club

The Business Leaders Club exists to create an environment that promotes the discovery of business both conceptually and practically in order to bridge the gap between education and real world applications. For more information contact Karen Britt or Mansour Farhat

Christian Fellowship & Outreach

The Christian Fellowship and Outreach club offers an opportunity to strengthen personal beliefs and connect with students with similar values. The group also presents an opportunity for those looking to explore Christianity. For more information contact Catherine Morgan or Kate Curry

Communication Studies

Communication Studies club discusses issues relating to communication, hosts speakers, workshops, conducts charitable events and does community outreach. For more information contact Chris Armstrong

Creative Writing Club

Provides an environment for students to write and express personal works. For more information contact Renee Demund

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice club establishes links with the College and the surrounding community to promote understanding of the role of the criminal justice system within society. For more information contact Vertel Martin

Education Association

Education Association club forms a basis for the future education professionals through networking and advocacy. For more information contact Nancy Moreau

Film Society

Review, discuss and critique various films chosen by students, staff and faculty. Students also have the hands-on opportunity to create works of their own. For more information contact John Tindell

First Responders

First Responders educates students on the fields of EMT, Firefighting, and Police force. Opportunities allow both current and interested first responders to build a connection with each other and learn from each other about their fields. For more information contact Ed Quinn

Gamers for a Cause

Gamers for a Cause enhances social and activity opportunities for students by providing regularly scheduled computer game activity and tournaments. For more information contact Miles Harris

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

Gay Straight Alliance increases social awareness for gay & lesbian students, friends, staff, faculty and the community. For more information contact Precie Schroyer or Sam Beebe

Honors Club

The Honors Club develops a sense of community among Honors students, creates opportunities to provide feedback for the honors program, and to promote the Honors program to all students. For more information contact Precie Schroyer

Hispanic American Cultural Club (HACC)

Hispanic American Cultural Club promotes and educates about Hispanic culture and the differences among Hispanic groups. This organization is open to all interested students at NCC. For more information contact James Colon or Hazel Carrera

Multi-Cultural Club

Multi-Cultural Club promotes diversity and cultural programs while connecting students interested in sharing and learning more about diverse cultures. This organization is open to all interested students at NCC. For more information contact Catherine Morgan

Pan African Student Caucus

Pan African Student Caucus celebrating diversity and unity among one nation, many people and to serve as an organization dedicated to raising the level of awareness of the African Diaspora throughout the college community. For more information contact Janessa Siegel or Aliya Kenyatta

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society that promotes community service. For more information contact Michelle Pretopapa or Miles Harris

Psi Beta- Psychology Honors

Psi Beta's mission is to encourage professional development and psychological literacy of all students at two-year colleges through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service. For more information contact Jennifer Bradley

Shadow Steppers

The mission of this group is to Strengthen, Teach, Encourage, and Promote (STEP) the values of working together as a step dance team. For more information contact Denise Harris

Science Club

Science Club explores careers and various fields of science and research. For more information contact Beatriz Villar

Ski Club

The Ski Club connects students with an interest in skiing. The group often takes trips to ski resorts, locally and regionally. All levels of skiers (first-timer to advanced) are invited to participate with this group. For more information contact Cyd Skinner

Skills USA

Skills USA is a national student organization that develops employability, participatory, and leadership skills to complement the occupational skills developed by students in technical education classrooms or work-based learning sites. For more information contact Kurt Withey or Norm Lippincott

Student Governance

Student Governance is made up of elected student representatives that advocate for the entire student population at the Monroe Campus. For more information contact Matt Maldonato

Technology Club

Strives to educate members with new technology related trends and advancements. For more information contact Norm Lippincott