Jaden Makovsky, Liberal Arts/English Student

“A word is worth 7.2 billion pictures.”

— Jaden Makovsky, Liberal Arts/English Student

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Melissa Miller, Liberal Arts student

Melissa Miller is the kind of person you'd want around in a crisis. The mother of two (soon to be three) has five years of U.S. Army Reserve experience under her belt, a time during which she earned a degree in radiography and fulfilled her clinical credits at Walter Reed and Fort Meade Medical Centers in our nation's capital. Now several years later, she's back at NCC to fulfill prerequisites she needs to eventually obtain a nursing degree and get back to working with people who need her assistance.

Michelle Zattoni, Individualized Transfer Studies student

The second attempt at NCC has been the charm for Michelle Zattoni, a "non-traditional" student who blends right in and is otherwise a traditional student in every sense of the word. She is the treasurer for Students for Collegiate Professionalism and active member of Brother to Brother / Sister to Sister Organization. She works full time at Flex Razor and part time in both Student Life and at the Hampton Winds restaurant. She is holding a fashion show to teach her fellow students how to meet the external expectations of their professors and future employers. She wants to help more of her peers obtain scholarships. She is here, she says, not just for her own benefit, but also for the benefit of others

Abel Paladines Parrales, Biological Science Student

Five years ago, Abel Paladines Parrales spent ten months of his life living inside of a hospital room in his native Ecuador, being treated for leukemia and completely prevented from going outdoors. Going through that ordeal, he says, completely changed his mindset, and he is grateful to God for a second chance at life.

Aaron Rosengarten, Political Science student

Aaron Rosengarten has lofty career ambitions. The Wilson High School graduate and local government activist hopes to become a constitutional lawyer, then move on to Congress or Senate, or even serve in some capacity inside of the White House. No goal is too large, he believes, because he’s discovered a true passion for politics over the course of the past several years.

Tai Thai, Business Administration student

Tai Thai is wrapping up his time at Northampton Community College and is about to embark on a new journey to finish his bachelor's degree at Temple University. His whole story, however, is a tale of many journeys. Thai is originally from Vietnam and, along with his twin sister, was sent to the United States to pursue an education they couldn't get at home. He attended high school in Maine and then, like many international students, found out about NCC via the Internet.

Shekinah Maxwell, Dental Hygiene student

When Shekinah Maxwell committed to attending NCC, she enrolled in the Smart Start program. On day one, she was asked to fill out a piece of paper with things she wanted to do and learn, and objectives she wanted to achieve. She wrote down three things: to meet new people, learn new skills, and take on new challenges. Less than one year later, she's been able to achieve all of that and more, and now finds herself in a position to possibly build on more than one skill as she continues her education.

Cheyanne Wood, Meeting & Event Planning student

Cheyanne Wood has always been the planner among her friends. Whether it's birthday parties or some other type of celebration, she likes the challenge that comes from organizing events and thinking on her feet. When she graduated from Notre Dame High School and knew she wasn't yet ready to attend a four-year college, she received a sign (literally) that she should start at Northampton Community College.

Matthew Cimera, Engineering Student

For Matthew Cimera, attending NCC is a family tradition. Two of his siblings are currently enrolled here with him, and two older siblings have also previously attended and graduated from Northampton. For the Cimera family, being able to attend school at a reasonable rate and close to home was important – but so is the value of the education that they're getting here.

Rebecca Cimera, Engineering Student

Rebecca Cimera found out about Northampton Community College's SMaRT Scholars program from the best possible source: her older sister, who had already graduated from NCC along with another older sibling. Rebecca and her brother, Matthew, are both students in the engineering program, and have another sibling also currently attending Northampton. The entire Cimera family took advantage of attending a college that was close to home and offered a number of career options so that they could find fields that challenged them.

Lisa Glover, Biotechnology Student

Lisa Glover wants a chance to make a difference in someone else's life. The former professional dancer was working in the restaurant industry and taking part in NCC's community chorus when a friend who had returned to NCC to study paralegal inspired her to look into returning to school. After initially considering the radiography program, she decided that she wanted to do more than take pictures for someone else to study and work with.

Kadera McKinney, Secondary Education Student

Freshman Kadera McKinney had her eyes opened by her philosophy professor, Ken Burak, during her second semester at NCC. Burak told his students to take off their "mind glasses" and think of how much better the world would be if society would see the world for how beautiful it really is. That triggered something in McKinney that made her realize that she, too, wants to one day teach this age group to open their eyes to the world around them.

Nathaniel Decker, Secondary Education (English) Student

Nathaniel Decker knows how just one great teacher can alter the course of a student's entire academic experience. He was attending Bethlehem Catholic High School when his English teacher made him realize that he not only liked English, but that he was also very good at writing. He was already a martial arts instructor who knew that he wanted to continue working with students in some capacity, so it was a natural fit for him to eventually want to combine his desire to teach with his passion for reading and writing.

William Clark, Biological Science Student

William Clark never guessed that when he decided to leave Philadelphia to attend a community college where he could live away from home, he would also find a place that feels like it’s exactly where he belongs.

Eric Miller, Computer Science Student

"Be able to do a lot of things, but aim for something specific so that you can do one thing really well." This was the advice that Computer Science major Eric Miller’s father gave to him regarding his choice in potential professions. Lucky for Miller, he’s known since around sixth grade that computer programming was more than just a passing interest for him. It’s a hobby, and one that he hopes to someday turn into a fulfilling career.

Christine Smith, Veterinary Technician Student

Like many people, Christine Smith grew up with a love for animals. Living in the Bronx, N.Y., she always had cats around. She was fortunate to attend a high school that gave her the option of choosing animal care as a major, and though she considered the possibility of studying to become a veterinarian, veterinary technology will allow her to still be a huge part of an animal care team while being able to focus more on customer service for the client.

Marcus J. Sands, Jr., Hospitality Student

The Bahamas boast more than 700 islands, hospitable people, and year-round great weather. The only thing that was missing for Marcus Sands, Jr. was Northampton Community College. Last fall, when the opportunity to attend NCC literally fell into his lap, Sands voluntarily packed his bags and headed stateside – and hasn’t looked back since.

Emmanuel Maxwell, Biological Science Student

Emmanuel Maxwell – who is studying biology in hopes of one day becoming an optometrist – readily admits that his first two semesters here were a disappointment by any standards. The courses that were required for his major, including science and math, didn’t come easily to him. Cutting his course load in his second semester didn't help, and his family was beginning to lose confidence in him. Then an invitation to audition for a theatre production changed everything, quite literally, about the academic journey that Maxwell was on.

Kristina Arvelo, Biological Science

Since she was a child, Kristina Arvelo's family would always encourage her to pursue an education that would allow her to one day support herself and stand on her own two feet. Now, she's determined to earn her associate’s degree and eventually move on to her bachelor’s and doctorate – with the intention of ending up in a career where she can help others stand on their own two feet.

Yahya Adejoh, Computer Information Systems

Adejoh discovered during childhood that he had a knack for being able to repair his family’s home computer, which sparked an interest as he worked through grade levels and eventually found himself on a FRC (First Robotics Competition) team in high school. His coach gave him the assignment of overseeing the maintenance of the robot while he also acted as a student programmer learning from a mentor. It was through this process that Adejoh discovered that he’d rather pursue a college major in information systems rather than in programming, but he still needed the right environment to learn in.

Justin Skrzypek, Engineering Student

Justin Skrzypek knows that he enjoys being the go-to person in work-related situations. There’s something about talking to someone who is dealing with any number of issues, and helping to guide them on the right path, that appeals to the Engineering major.

Jaden Makovsky, Liberal Arts/English Student

Sophomore Jaden Makovsky wants to make one thing clear about the supposed career limitations that she’s imposed upon herself as an English major: the only person who can get in the way of her goals is her.

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