Lisa Glover, Biotechnology Student

Lisa Glover wants a chance to make a difference in someone else's life. The former professional dancer was working in the restaurant industry and taking part in NCC's community chorus when a friend who had returned to NCC to study paralegal inspired her to look into returning to school. After initially considering the radiography program, she decided that she wanted to do more than take pictures for someone else to study and work with.

"My Dad had worked in cancer research," Glover explains. "In the biology courses here, we looked at genetics and the connection with diseases, including cancer. I realized that genetics was very new during my dad's career, and the human genome was not sequenced until after he passed. I realized that genetics is changing medicine very quickly. In my previous career, I used to make someone's life better for a couple of hours. Maybe something I do in biotechnology will make someone's life better forever."

Science, math and engineering students at NCC all have the opportunity apply for the SMaRT scholarship, which is something that Glover took advantage of after hearing professor Sharon Lee-Bond talk about the various ways that students can get assistance. The SMaRT program not only covers tuition for participants, but it opens up opportunities for them to take part in science-related community events, to get more personalized assistance and supplemental tutoring.

"When I was filling out my FAFSA last year, I had the computer on the NCC home page. Professor Lee-Bond's photo with the information on the SMaRT scholarship flashed across the screen, and I remembered it from class. So, I downloaded the application and applied," says Glover.

Following her graduation from NCC this year, Glover plans to continue her education at East Stroudsburg University and has aspirations to one day work at a company like Sanofi Pasteur, where she can pursue her interest in the creation of vaccines.

"I'm still looking at so many opportunities. I like genetics a lot, and cells," says Glover. "I'm really fascinated with bacteria and viruses, and I really like inoculating things. I'm just looking for a career that will make a difference."

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