Yahya Adejoh, Computer Information Systems

When most of us think of the word literacy, we think of the ability to read and comprehend the written word. What we're finding out more than ever, however, is that computer and technology literacy is critical now and will continue to be for those who want to have the upper hand in the future job market.

"There's career potential for a number of fields. You could be a systems analyst, or you could be a database administrator, or a programmer," says freshman Yahya Adejoh. "I'd like to do some partial programming but overall I'd like to keep the integrity of the computers in a business office. I'd eventually like to have my own local computer business."

Adejoh discovered during childhood that he had a knack for being able to repair his family's home computer, which sparked an interest as he worked through grade levels and eventually found himself on a FRC (First Robotics Competition) team in high school. His coach gave him the assignment of overseeing the maintenance of the robot while he also acted as a student programmer learning from a mentor. It was through this process that Adejoh discovered that he'd rather pursue a college major in information systems rather than in programming, but he still needed the right environment to learn in.

"I lived in New Jersey my whole life and didn't attend Easton High School until my senior year, so I didn't really know anything about Northampton because I hadn't done the research. A friend of mine told me about NCC and he told me that I could do two years here and then get all of my credits transferred to a school that Northampton has an articulation agreement with," explains Adejoh. "A few months later, Adejoh received a notice of a special opportunity for him to interview for the Presidential Ambassadors program, which is what led to his eventual enrollment at NCC. 

With the way that his schedule is structured – with plenty of time to get work done between classes – Adejoh says that the only real challenge as he acclimates himself to college has been trying to find a challenge. Academics is the most important part of settling into this routine, he says, and he's so determined to keep his grades up that he's just now starting to become tested by homework, projects and tests all due within hours of one another. When everyone else has high expectations of him, it makes it easier for him to have higher expectations of himself.

"I'm already looking forward to getting a computer certification hopefully by next year, and then my associate's degree and then eventually a bachelor's degree. The books arrive in a few days for my computer certification, and then I'm going to get into reading those right away," says Adejoh. "The good thing about my major is, I want to do it because I'm interested. Outside of here, I like to work on cars with my dad, and also work on robotics. My time to relax is during my drive here. That's the only time I'm not thinking about computers of some kind."

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