Crime SceneThe Northeast Forensic Training Center (NFTC) is committed to becoming the regional training hub for cost effective, high quality, hands-on law enforcement training. Developed in 2009, the NFTC's original mission was to provide first responders with basic forensic training to effectively collect and preserve crime scene evidence. Since its inception, the NFTC has proudly served over 150 national and international agencies by providing them with scientifically based forensic training.

In 2015, the NFTC is expanding with the launch of new investigations and operations programs and a new mission; to become the source for all law enforcement and criminal justice training. Like our forensic programs, the new classes will be developed and taught by subject matter experts and will include practical, hands-on application. New programs will launch in July. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay abreast of the exciting new changes and programs. Welcome to the new Northeast Forensic Training Center; forensics and so much more!

crime sceneCrime Scene & Computer Forensics


  • Interview & Interrogation
  • Child Abuse, Narcotics, Gangs, Terrorism/Homeland Security Investigations
  • Death Investigation
  • Crime Scene Investigation & Photography
  • Shooting & Bloodstain Pattern Documentation, Collection & Preservation
  • Courtroom Testimony
  • Buried Body and Surface Skeleton (Guest Instructor: Jan Johnson, Forensic Pieces)
  • IAI Crime Scene Certification Preparation CCSI, CCSA & CSCSA (Guest Instructor: Jan Johnson, Forensic Pieces)


  • Police Background Operations
  • Public Information Officer (PIO)
  • Firearms, Taser & Physical Techniques (Defensive Techniques)
  • Spanish for Law Enforcement
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Police Executive Leadership (Command Staff, First Line Supervision, Field Training Officer)

The Facility

Our facility located at the Fowler Family Southside Center in Bethlehem includes:

  • Classroom: 1216 sq. ft.
    • Lab: 609 sq. ft.
    • Classroom 570 sq. ft.
  • Computer lab: 420 sq. ft.
  • Scenario apartment: 865 sq. ft.
  • Wet room (for bloodstain pattern): 210 sq. ft.

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Visiting from outside the Area?

The NFTC is conveniently located near the site of the massive Bethlehem Steele redevelopment project with easy access from Route 22 & 78. Lodging is available at the new Sands Casino Resort, Comfort Suites Hotel and Hotel Bethlehem. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the lab as well as the new Arts Quest entertainment complex.

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