LeeAnn SingleyExpert instruction, hand-on training and small class sizes make a difference in forensics training. The Northeast Forensic Training Center has all three. Join us as we bring BPA experts into the region to teach the latest techniques that can be applied immediately.

Offerings - Basic Training , Advanced Training , and Specialty Training

Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Introductory workshop provides the foundation for study in bloodstain pattern analysis. Participants will learn the basics of bloodstain pattern analysis and gain an understanding of how valuable this forensic discipline can be to investigations involving bloodshed. Hands on experiments and practical exercises (over 70% of the program) will be conducted throughout the week and will be supplemented with lecture in order to sufficiently convey the material. Class size is limited to ensure one on one contact with the instructor. Instructor: LeeAnn Singley, MS (PDF). Fee: $695 (meals and lodging are extra). This course has been approved for eight (8) hours of continuing education by the Pennsylvania Coroners' Education Board under the provisions of Act 22 of 1988. To be notified when the next session of this program is being offered, please click here.

Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Designed for practitioners who have successfully completed basic instruction in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and have a desire to build on that fundamental knowledge while working toward expertise in the discipline. This workshop will begin with a brief review of the basic concepts and will continue with the student applying those concepts in mock crime scene settings. The crime scenes with the associated clothing and physical evidence will be completely analyzed through documentation and stain selection, report writing and verbal presentation and defense of findings. In doing so, the entire BPA methodology will be practiced and employed, including the consideration of autopsy findings and forensic biology reports. Case specific limitations, quality assurance and context bias will be addressed throughout the workshop. This course is almost entirely hands on with more than 85% of the workshop spent in non-lectured activities. Instructors: LeeAnn Singley, MS (PDF) , Toby Wolson, MS, F-ABC (PDF). Fee: $995 (meals and lodging are extra). This course has been approved for eight (8) hours of continuing education by the Pennsylvania Coroners' Education Board under the provisions of Act 22 of 1988. To be notified when the next session of this program is being offered, please click  here.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis on Fabric

This advanced level course is designed for practitioners who routinely examine bloodstained fabrics and other textiles and are required to assess, interpret and report on bloodstain patterns as part of those examinations. The course builds upon fundamental knowledge of the forensic discipline of BPA and is designed to facilitate an improved level of examination, interpretation and reporting with respect to those bloodstain patterns. Subject content will review the underpinning principles of BPA, and apply these principles to the analysis and interpretation of bloodstains on fabrics and other textiles. The primary focus of the course is to develop those skills required for the examination of bloodstain patterns found on clothing items commonly encountered in an investigation. Instructors: Mark Reynolds, PhD. (PDF) (Western Australia Police Department), Ted Silenieks (PDF) (Forensic Science SA, South Australia). Fee: $1695 (meals and lodging are extra). To be notified when the next session of this program is being offered, please click  here.

Pre & Post Work

A minimum of 80 hours of structure learning activities are required inclusive of the 40 hour face to face component offered. Participants will be expected to complete at least 20 hours of preparatory work including selected readings and a pre-course written assignment. Following the 40 hour workshop, participants will be required to complete mock case documentation and submit a court report summarizing their findings, based on their examination of bloodstained items during practical exercises completed at the workshop. The report must be submitted within eight weeks of completing the residential.

The Fluid Dynamics of Bloodstain Pattern Formulation

This forty hour course is designed to deliver advanced level training to experienced laboratory based scientists, crime scene investigators and forensic consultants. Participants will develop an understanding of the principles of fluid dynamics as they apply to bloodstain pattern formation with an emphasis on the relationship between the dynamics of bloodstain pattern formation and the characteristics of the resultant static bloodstain pattern. The course has a strong practical component with participants performing a number of experiments using a high speed digital camera. Instructors: Dr. Mark Jermy and Ms. Rosalyn Rough (PDF). Fee: $1495 (meals and lodging are extra). Learn more about the course. The next session of this program will be held August 22-26, 2016.

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Visiting from outside the Area?

The NFTC is conveniently at Northampton Community College's Fowler Family Southside Center campus, near the site of the massive Bethlehem Steele redevelopment project with easy access from Route 22 & 78. Lodging is available at the Sands Casino Resort, Comfort Suites Hotel, and Hotel Bethlehem. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the lab as well as the new Arts Quest entertainment complex.

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