student serverCompetition in the restaurant industry is getting tougher every day. To be successful an establishment needs to be on top of every aspect of its operation. CBI - Hospitality & Tourism can equip you with the tools to be successful in a very demanding industry. Our flexible programs and customized training options will accommodate even the most challenging scheduling issues. Let CBI be your training partner.

Leadership Training - New ManageFirst Program

Preparing Food Service and Hospitality Managers for Leadership Roles

Employer Advantages of ManageFirst Certification

Succession Planning:

  • Groom high potential employees for management roles.
  • What happens when your second in command is ill or moves on?

Increased Profits:

  • Reduce food costs.
  • Reduce turnover which adds to administrative costs.
  • Create a happier and more fulfilling workplace. Happier
    employees enhance customer experiences, which increase patrons and repeat business.


  • Reduce your stress and workload.

Employee Advantages of ManageFirst Certification:

  • Increased opportunities for promotion and advancement.
  • Advanced skills lead to greater responsibility.
  • Leadership roles earn higher pay.

Program key components:

Five hands-on workshops and 800 industry work hours.

Required Workshops

  • Hospitality & Restaurant Management
  • Controlling Foodservice Costs
  • Foodservice Human Resources Management & Supervision
  • Food Service Sanitation (ServSafe®)

Elective Workshops (select one)

  • Hospitality & Restaurant Marketing New!
  • Bar & Beverage Management

The fee for the comprehensive ManageFirst certificate is $875 (a 10% discount over registering for classes individually). If you have already completed the ServSafe workshop, the cost for the entire program is $750. However, classes can be taken independently. Textbook fees are separate.

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Food & Beverage Server/Seller Certification

Help protect your establishment and employees with our food safety and responsible alcohol distribution certification courses.

  • Food Service Sanitation (Spanish version also available)
  • ServSafe® Food Handler Training (Spanish version also available)
  • RAMP Alcohol Server/Seller
  • Food Service Sanitation Examination Retest (Spanish version also available)

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Open Enrollment Training Courses for Restaurants

  • Destination Lehigh Valley - Do you have out of town visitors coming to your restaurant? Do you want to sync your establishment's marketing efforts to the various festivals and celebrations conducted yearly throughout the Lehigh Valley? Then this unique workshop is ideal for your establishment. Developed through a partnership with Discover Lehigh Valley, this series of workshops helps to elevate your marketing and customer service efforts and ultimately your bottom line. Workshop is held in the spring and fall.
  • Mixology I - Teaches the basics of bartending and mixology in only 21 hours of training. Includes everything you need to know form setting up the bar, making and serving cocktails, and dealing with difficult customers. Participants will also obtain PLCB RAMP certification upon successful completion.

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Customized Programs for the Hospitality Industry

For Restaurants looking for a training partner, CBI is the perfect solution. Our vast training capabilities can satisfy any need and can positively impact your bottom line. View our hospitality industry training template (PDF). To speak directly to our Client Development Specialist, please call 610.332.8668.

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