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The need to shift culture and transform individuals from managers to strong leaders is an increasingly important step in building a high-performing organization - particularly in our accelerated business world. True leaders within these organizations are responsible for setting the strategic direction or vision of the company and the groups within. But, developing these individuals into leaders who can think strategically and set organizational direction is a process - one that CBI leadership professionals successfully established nearly a decade ago.

XPLORING, our Leadership Development program, involves several components, including the use of assessments and other discovery tools, comprehensive training and individual coaching by seasoned industry professionals. This nine to twelve month journey includes intensive classroom instruction, a three-day "Leadership in Action" case study on the battlefield of Gettysburg, and one-on-one follow-up with individual development plans.

To learn more about our time-tested program, contact the Center for Business and Industry at 610.861.5064 or