Getting Started

  1. Complete an online NCC Application. You must provide credit card information for processing the one-time $25 Application fee. Submit your completed application online.
  2. 2. Print, complete and sign a Course Registration form for your course(s). You must print the word "Bright Horizons" and your Bright Horizons Center Number on the Registration Form.

    IMPORTANT: An Admissions Advisor for Early Childhood Education is available to assist you with selection of courses for the education path you are pursuing. Please contact our ECE Admissions Advisor at 610.861.5503.

  3. Fax the Registration form to the Early Child Education Department at NCC: fax 610.861.4110.
  4. You will receive a tuition bill after you register for courses, along with instructions to help you access your Online learning "Welcome Letter" which will include your instructor, required textbook(s), and instructions on how to log-in to your courses.
  5. You may enter your course(s) on the first day of classes. For assistance, call 610.332.4160 or email

Can I get credit for my CDA?

If you prepared for your CDA through Bright Horizons and/or received credit for your CDA classes you receive 9 credits toward the Associate Degree. Click here for directions on receiving credit for your CDA and other related information.

Can I receive credit for life experience?

Unfortunately, we do no give credit for life experience, but have a process for challenging a course. This means that the student believes she/he knows the theory and application strategies related to the course. The will complete the assessment portfolio with no help. The cost is half that for taking the course. Typically it takes as long to complete the portfolio by oneself as to take the course.

Technical Assistance Issues:
Please contact the help desk at 610.861.5413 or email