Upcoming Professional Development

Qualifications to take SE Key Funded Workshops

Must be working at a DPW licensed/regulated facility associated with Keystone STARS. Priority will be given to students within the Southeast Regional Key region (Bucks, Chester, Philadelphia, Montgomery or Delaware County)

To Register

To register and pay, please log into the PA Key Registry - www.pakeys.org and search by start date and regional key region. Visit www.paykeys.org login to the PD Registry and click on the green box labeled STUDENTS for important course information. It provides detailed directions for a variety of course options.

PD Registry Documents www.pakeys.org

Questions? Please contact the PA Key ZenDesk

Fall 2017 Workshops

Spring 2018 Workshops

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 Offerings

Fees: $7.00 fee for two hours or less, $14.00 fee for 3-4 hours, and $21.00 fee for 5-6 hours of professional development activities. Pediatric First Aid is $28.00.

Course Refund Policy - Pennsylvania Key

There is a no refund policy for course registrations in the Professional Development Registry. However, for funded core, support, and needs-based courses that have not been canceled by Pennsylvania Key or a Regional Key, students who unregister for a scheduled event associated with the course 48 hours or more prior to start date and time of the event may register for another offering (scheduled event instance) of the course without further charges.

For funded core, support and needs-based courses that are canceled by Pennsylvania Key or a Regional Key, students may re-enroll in another offering (scheduled event instance) of the course without any additional charge, or may request credit in the form of a Professional Development Registry Gift Code that can be applied toward the cost of one or more other core, support, or funded needs-based courses. Requests for a Gift Code must be made to the Funding Stream organization within 30 days of the canceled event. To request a Gift Code, please email SERKPD@PHMC.ORG and include the registrant name and event name and date.

Resources and short webinars to assist you in finding a course, registering for a course, and paying for a course can be found under the PD Registry Home Page "Professional Development Registry Student Policies" when visiting the PD Registry website www.pakeys.org

For further questions, please contact the PA Key ZenDesk

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