Study Abroad Summer 2014

Information Study Abroad Summer 2014
Center for International Education


  • Cost: $2920
  • 3 weeks May 22 – June 5, 2014
  • Political Science/Sociology course (POLS 170)
  • Will visit Istanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia, and Ephesus

Costa Rica

  • Cost: $2100
  • 3 weeks, May 25 – June 7
  • Peace study course in Biodiversity and helping the environment (POLS 150)


  • 5 weeks: May 24/25 – June 28/29
  • Will visit Madrid and Oviedo
  • Spanish language course (MDLA103 or MDLA 113)


  • Cost: 2700
  • 4 weeks, May 30 – June 24
  • Service learning course (Course code TBA)
  • Students will be building a wind turbine in the Andes. It is very rigorous and there is the possibility of altitude sickness.

China (need Visa)

  • 4 weeks: July 4 – August 2
  • Cost: $2750 (plus $150 additional for the visa)
  • Visit a university in Shanghai
  • Chinese I or II (MDLA 105 or MDLA 115)
  • Living on campus.

The price is for your flight. The money for meals, shopping, or other expenses is the student's responsibility. You will be staying most likely in hostels or dorms in the hosting universities.

We take care of the transportation to and from the airport. We will inform you as it gets closer to the date of the time of departure.

If interested in one of these trips, please see the International Office for a deposit form. You must make a $250 deposit by the middle of February 2014. Afterwards, you may continue to pay in installments as your financial resources allow. As long as your full balance is paid the day before you leave, you can pay as much as you can at any time. Please see CC287 for forms and information.

Once airlines tickets are purchased, THERE IS NO REFUND. Airline tickets cannot be transferred or refunded.

Scholarships are available in an amount of usually $750. The student has to have a GPA of 3.0 in order to apply for the scholarship and also to enroll in the course. A letter of recommendation must be provided to us from a faculty member. We must make sure you are cleared and are not in any violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

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