Monroe Alert
Due to continuing water system issues, a boil water advisory has been issued which will affect the Monroe Campus through Wed., Feb. 28. "Do Not Drink Water" signs are posted at all water sources and bottled water will be available in Pocono Hall at the Food Court area at no charge.

John "Skip" Todora, Faculty

Professor John "Skip" Todora

John "Skip" Todora is an engineering technician and faculty member at Northampton Community College. He began his career in New York at IBM has been working with industrial automation and controls for 43 years. Todora recognizes that manufacturing is coming back to the United States in a very different way than it left. It entails much more automation and higher technology knowledge, and because manufacturing was gone for so long, there's a big skills gap in those who need to fill new positions in America. "There's such a shortage of people in industrial automation," he says.

John says that in any technology field, the learning never stops even after graduating, which can be exciting. "I love seeing the look on students' faces when I know they get it, but I also love when they stop in to my office or stop me in the hallway to tell me that got hired full time."