Monroe Alert
Due to continuing water system issues, a boil water advisory has been issued which will affect the Monroe Campus through Wed., Feb. 28. "Do Not Drink Water" signs are posted at all water sources and bottled water will be available in Pocono Hall at the Food Court area at no charge.

Mary Ellen Keegan, Alum

Mary Ellen Keegan

Maryellen Keegan didn't think her journey would bring her overseas after graduating NCC, but that's exactly where she wound up. Maryellen Keegan, 2008 graduate of the College's emergency services program, is the Former Deputy Director of Monroe County Office of Emergency Management. Now, she studies crisis and disaster management at the University of Portsmouth in England.

Because of the location and great opportunity to work in a small classroom environment where she would get individualized attention she chose Northampton to begin her studies.  NCC set a foundation to build towards her end goal of working in emergency management. "It gave me a well-rounded approach to emergency services, including firefighting, EMS, emergency management and general emergency planning for every day circumstances." Keegan feels that the professors are always willing to spend time clarifying pieces of information, and they tailor the message to you delving deeper into a particular topic if you're interested.

The advice she has for current and prospective students? "Continue or take advantage of clubs and community programs, and you'll build out that initial resume that will help you jumpstart your future."