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Northampton Community College 50th Anniversary

NCC Memories

Browse our list of fond memories submitted by alumni, staff and friends. If you have your own NCC memory share it here.

"My memories? Well, once I got a really spectacular parking space. That was a day to remember. But one of my best memories was shortly after graduating, when I was asked to teach computer graphics at NCC. I was honored and humbled to be considered, and extremely happy to help the college."

Robert T. Stevens, III
Graphic Designer
B. Braun Medical Inc.

"I have a lot of great memories from NCC, but the one I cherish the most is the day I met my future wife. I was assisting our professor Bruce Wall, and she was a student in his 3D design course.  Bruce is officiating our wedding this spring. He instilled a confidence in me that has carried me through your my journey. And he's going to be the officiant at my wedding."

Adam Atkinson '12

"While in Traci Anfuso-Young's Digital Design and Typography class, several classmates and I created the Wear NCC Proud ad campaign for the magazine. It was a great experience and so much fun working with like minded students. We ended up winning an Addy award for it in 2013! "

Lauren Weinhofer
Graphics & Marketing Coordinator
Insulation Corporation of America

"I remember being a first-year international student at NCC. I was extremely nervous but definitely excited about the journey I was just beginning. During my second semester I was selected to participate in the NCC Leadership Program. The program included a retreat in the quietness of the forest. It was amazing! And on that retreat I met my dear friend Rudy Tankpinou. We started a friendship that extends until today. He was the best man at my wedding. The leadership program marked my life forever. I have talked about it on every job I have ever had.  Thanks, NCC!"

Ysais Martinez
Senior Identity and Access Management Architect
Arisant, LLC

"A special memory I hold from my years at NCC was when I won the Patrick J. Kraus Memorial Scholarship for drawing. It helped me pay for some of my tuition at a time when I needed the money, and it gave me the confidence to continue my education in the arts." 

Anthony Marraccini  '92
Owner, Elucidator Publishing LLC

"Favorite Professor: "I'll have to say Professor Annie L. Meyers because she has an "eye " for successful students and those are whom she pushes beyond their limit. I will never forget one day as she discussed a chapter during Real Estate class, she looked at me and said, "small sacrifices, long term achievements". 

Amber Nieves  '15
North Penn Legal Services

"Who was your favorite professor and why? - "This is an unfair question because all the professors were wonderful; however, John Spirk, Vertel Martin, and Christine Lazor all played the most significant roles in my time at NCC.  The three were unbelievable professors, but their level of dedication to students goes way above and beyond.  I can't forget Judge Brian Germano either.  Flat out incredible people."

Jose Ortiz  '11
Human Resources Director 
The United Solutions Group Inc.

"The best memories I have were from all the activities we organized to raise money for our Hospitality Club.  But one of the highlights and the biggest memory I will always cherish was being part of the Hospitality team that started the Honor Society for the NCC Hospitality Program: Eta Sigma Delta."

Ruth Richebacher '12
Senior Director of Product Development & Guest Experience
Shore Excursions of America

What advice do you have for students who are considering a career in your field?  " If you are considering a career in events just remember to keep pursuing your dreams.  This is a difficult industry and can be trying at times.  However, the end result is well worth it."

Adrianna Norton '14
Event Coordinator
Northampton Country Club

"During my final semester at NCC, I tutored a young woman who I eventually married and started a family with. We will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2017."

Anthony Cuvo '88
Senior Project Engineer 
Technical Leader

Share a special memory of your years at NCC. - "I won the wine competition and was sent to train in all of Emeril's restaurants in New Orleans for a week in November '15. That trip honestly renewed my passion in what I've always loved. "

Robert van Thiel '16
Beverage Director

What advice do you have for students who are considering a career in your field? - "Anyone who has a desire to get a degree in nursing would benefit from NCC.  NCC offered me a wonderful opportunity to advance my career nursing leadership and administration.  I would suggest an appetite for learning and at the same time diligent work ethics."

Charlotte Buckenmyer '77
RN  Pre-Admission Testing at Lehigh Valley Health Network
Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg

Who was your favorite professor and why? - "Dr. Len Roberts. He was a great professor who made me appreciate the quality of my high school education in preparation for his class in my freshman year. He said he didn't give As, that you had to earn them. I got an A-. "

Chad W. Brensinger '01
Project Manager
Charles E. Shoemaker, Inc.

"Even though I graduated many years ago from the dental hygiene program at NCC, the one thing that I can always remember is the camaraderie of the group of girls in the class of 1975.  We were "there" for each other during our classes, clinic, studying...whatever.  We laughed and cried together!  Many of these girls still remain friends to this very day!"

Beth I. Arcury  '75 
Certified School Dental Hygienist 
Northampton Area School District 

"My life changed when I took the chance to access Northampton's Career Services. With these services, I was able to realize my strengths and weaknesses, change my major, and have the ability to receive counseling in what took part in my life besides school. As pieces of the puzzle formed within myself I was able to develop plans and goals for myself. I would not have the life I am living now or be as involved in my school and community if it wasn't for the support Northampton Community College provides."

Elia Rodriguez '17

"Spending study time in the beautiful, glass-walled library was a favorite activity during my time at NCC."

Shaun M. Gallagher, D.C.  '04
Holistic Chiropractor
Owner, Healing Wave Chiropractic 

"In the Nursing Director's office waiting area there was a paper ladder taped to the wall. Each rung or step going up the ladder represented a progressive degree. - Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate. This made an impact on me as I believed that this was the natural course of progression overtime. Not really taking into account that not everyone would aspire to go to graduate school let alone pursue a doctorate. In short, my experiences at NCC made me believe with enough hard work anything was possible."

Susan J. Appel
Full tenured Professor in the Capstone College of Nursing
University of Alabama 

"After my car was torched in a random arson, I was astounded by the kindness of strangers, who paid my towing bill, bought my textbooks and offered me rides to class. NCC reached out to help me buy a new car.  My externship for my medical assistant degree landed me a job. The arson connected me with a support system at the college that proved vital to keeping me on track to earn a nursing degree. "

Ashley Rodriguez '15

Who was your favorite professor and why? - "Carolyn Kern (Bortz) was one of my favorite professors. Her confident demeanor and excellent clinical skills were something I knew even then I wanted to emulate in my own practice. As a current member of the NCC alumni board and frequent visitor to the college, I have the opportunity to interact with her regularly, and I remain impressed with her presence and approachability."

Darla Frack  '94
Vice President, Patient Care Services
St. Luke's University Health Network

"My advice is: take all of your classes seriously because they are going to change the way you think for the rest of your career. When I attended NCC, Dan Ebner taught a series of construction classes. Those series of classes gave me the leg up on other classes at the university I attended after NCC. The way I look at it is, you can imagine or create any type of building on a piece of paper, but if you don't understand how to build it, it will always but be just a piece of paper."

Chad Wasilkowski  '10
Graduate Architect
Quad 3 Group, Inc.

"I cannot say enough about how my nursing degree at NCC has changed my life. The door of opportunity was opened to me, and all I needed was the courage to walk through."

Kathleen Grant '98
Executive Director of Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation
Country Meadows

Share a special memory of your years at NCC - "While taking Intro to Web Design, I wasn't as technologically savvy as my younger classmates and was constantly raising my hand for clarification. The student directly behind me would let out an exasperated sigh each time. I finally turned to him and asked, "When you were born, was there a computer in your home?" He replied, "Of course."  I said, "Well, when I was born, the only people who had computers were NASA!" From that point on, the young man helped me with all my projects."

Valerie Bittner '06
Model, Actor, Voice Artist, Consultant

"I'm sharing one of my memories of "NCACC." I remember going into school early to study, and I usually had breakfast. The women in the cafeteria always greeted everyone with a smile. They made the effort to make you feel special... like mom was cooking you a great meal. I still reminisce with one of my patients who was one of those kind ladies and I tell her how much I appreciated her during my years at NCC. I also look back fondly at the friendships I made in dental hygiene. We spent countless hours together. The program was difficult, but we always had time for laughter."

Paulette Yaswinski, DDS '77 

Share a special memory of your years at NCC. - "Winning the Crayola Marketing campaign in Professor Achey's class. That moment I knew I was in the right field of study."

Renee Keiderling  '04
Northern Tier Manager
Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce 

Who was your favorite professor and why? - "Dr. Deborah Averill: A warm, caring and demanding professor who expected my best and would not relent until she got it.  I remember working tirelessly on my assignments, handing them in and getting them back with corrections and suggestions all over them.  Dr. Averill knew I had the ability to hand in exceptional work and continued to make me rewrite and edit until I had it perfect. All this and Dr. Averill would never give up on me and settle."

George Apostol '98
Grade Level Principal
Easton Area School District

Who was your favorite professor and why? - "By far, Mr. Hays is a fantastic professor.  He lives and breathes a passion for journalism that is contagious. He taught us to look past the obvious, to note the interviewee's environment and to close with one rather intrusive question. "Tell me something about you others don't know?" Although I don't always have the courage to ask it, the answer almost always rewrites my lead."

Kristine Porter '04
Time News

"I have wonderful memories of living in the dorms and making new friends. We would meet and watch shows together at night or get dinner. We also had fun events such as BINGO. I also have fond memories of working at Reibman Hall Children's Center. The teachers there gave me such a wonderful foundation to run my own classroom."

Brittany Kaufman '06
Bright Horizons

Best Memory: "Walking across the stage at the graduation ceremony was one of the best memories from my time at NCC. This is because I only learned English six months before I started my studies at NCC in 2008. I was very concerned about my academics because I studied in Arabic all my life. However, I managed to succeed and graduate with a 3.92 GPA. It was the first time in my life that I attended a graduation ceremony. My success at NCC motivated me to dream big and believe in myself."

Ahmed Awadalah

What advice do you have for students who are considering a career in your field?  "Utilize NCC!  In this day and age "debt" is not something to be taken lightly.  If you have the desire to become a teacher and impact future generations, start at NCC.  You will save money, earn a valuable degree and most importantly mature as a person.  Too often I have seen young people leave for a 4-year school and end up back at home within a year or two."

Joseph Silimperi '87
Learning Support Teacher
Nazareth Area Middle School

"The best word of advice I can offer current or prospective students is:  start here (NCC) and your possibilities are endless. I started as an automotive technician, worked as an auditor, a fiscal officer, and now I run the Bureau of Collections for Lehigh County."

Stephen Berndt  '04
Director, Bureau of Collections
County of Lehigh

"Favorite Professor - Scott Kalamar, He is an extremely passionate teacher. He cares about every student and is always there every step of the way to help while attending school and even after.  I was always excited when I would have him as an instructor again during my time in the culinary program. There are lessons that I've learned under Chef Scott that I use in the field. He not only teaches the cooking part but more importantly the managerial side of the business. He always offered great suggestions and different books to read to help grow in the future. I still talk to Chef Scott to this day. He is not only a great mentor but also a really great person."

David Troxell '08 
Trail's End Café

"Favorite Professor: Ken Trionfo, an outstanding teacher, but most importantly a great mentor who truly inspired me to push beyond the limits and has guided down a successful path in architecture. His dedication, passion for the profession, and love of helping others has made him an invaluable educator for NCC and for the program. Many thanks for your service Ken!"

Nathan Nace  '06
Architect | Assoc. Director of Bethlehem Office
BDA Architects

"I believe my education from NCC's communications program, combined with the science background I gained from CSUB (California State University at Bakersfield) set me up for success in my chosen career path, where I have to do a lot of public outreach and I have to know many environmental laws/regulations that ensure the utility company remains compliant with their vegetation clearances for the different voltages.  Colin has a very similar feeling that his time spent in NCC's communications program, along with his Anthropology/Archaeology background from CSUB, made it possible for him to transition into his career path of cultural resource management with ease. "

Stephanie Smith & Colin Rambo

"Tom Shillea and Traci Anfuso-Young were my favorite professors. Tom's class introduced me to Marshall McLuhan's "The Medium is the Message," which shaped so much of how I think about my work and is now one of my favorite books. Traci taught me the fundamentals of typography, and so much of my aesthetic sensibilities and craftsmanship skills were formed and molded in her class. Advice to current students: Read a lot. Be curious. Be a student of culture. Remember there are no right or wrong answers in design - we're all just making it up as we go."

Jarrett Fuller  '09
Freelance designer / Instructor at Maryland Institute College of Art

"I have found my calling in life, and it all started with NCC."

Amber Petchonka  '12
Associate in Fine Arts
Art Therapy Masters program, Cedar Crest College.

Best memory at NCC? - "My experience in the Darkroom Class- It was the defining moment that led to my career as a Photo Journalist."

Carol Guzy  '77
Freelance Photo Journalist

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