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Landscape Design

Landscape Design Certificate: Great Design Concepts for Garden Lifestyles

The Land Scape Certification will guide you through the dizzying array of new plants, outdoor materials, design choices, sources, and sites that can define an outdoor Landscaped Lifestyle. Through 3 courses, a total of 38 hours, participants will study the art and practice of garden design and installation.

In addition to receiving a Certificate in Landscaping and natural beautification, you will learn the steps necessary to complete a finished design for an actual landscape of your choice: front of house entry garden, outdoor living room, pool-scape, shrub border, island bed or container grouping. All landscape design plans will be reviewed and approved by the class instructor to make them ready to install for summer/fall 2018.

Who should take this course?

The avid horticultural hobbyist, the professional gardener, the home-project weekend warrior, the do-it-yourselfer interested in improving curb appeal and home market value, the beginning landscape contractor, the novice landscape designer, the garden club member, the lifestylist, the urban homesteader, the horticultural services provider, the residential community member, the native-plant activist, the organic vegan. 

Certification Course Work

Six courses in three semesters, a total of 34 hours, participants will study the art and practice of garden design and installation.

Spring Semester

Landscape Design Essentials

Tools and Practice for the Garden Designer

Garden Appreciation Touring

Summer Semester

Garden Appreciation Touring - A ten-hour field trip with professional guide to Chanticleer: Saturday in  June, 7 AM to 5 PM.

Tools and Practice for the Garden Designer - Cover all the basic methods and tools required to plan and install a new garden. A ten-hour classroom course, Thursday evenings,  6:30 PM to 9 PM, for 4 weeks.

Recommended Textbook

Stewards of the Land. A Survey of Landscape Architecture and Design in America. Edited by Marilyn K. Alaimo and assembled from various authors. Available through and other online retailers.

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