Rising to the Occasion

May 03, 2013

"When I first heard about this class many years ago, I thought 'what does this mean?'" Bruce Wall, Matthew Cenacassociate professor of art, said of the final capstone course Individual Studio/Professional Practices. "It seemed very unusual to give second-year students the freedom to decide what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it. Usually a class like this is for juniors or seniors in a four-year program. Now I understand how this makes the art program something special here at Northampton. When challenged, people can rise to the occasion."

This freedom not only challenged but pulled the twenty-one students taking the class into new directions as artists. Their work culminated in a final project which was displayed in the Student Fine Arts Exhibit in Communication Hall. The artists showed slides of their artwork and spoke about their process at an artist talk on May 2, followed by a reception.

The exhibit is "quite diverse from the materials used to the perspectives," Wall said. Students were inspired by a variety of themes including music,time and reality, technology, sandwiches, family, and beauty and decay, creating a unique show.

"I didn't have a lot of confidence as an artist," Carla Zelinski admitted during her presentation. "NCC helped with that."

Janine Schippang credited the class with enabling her to "experiment in my own techniques in each and every medium."

The students featured in the Student Fine Arts Exhibit are:
Holly Salverio
M. Richard Anderson
Ryan Brandt
Matthew Cenac
Christian Cintron
Sara Giroux
Hans Herman
Kaitlyn Keenhold
William Kurtz
Kayla Lawson
Alin Lopez
Fatima Mohamed
Emily Mushlitz
Derrick Nielsen
Jaclyn Nuss
Wade Phillips
Holly Salverio
Janine Schippang
Gregory Schrantz
Lauren Tucker
Falicia Williams
Carla Zelinski

Three students were chosen by faculty as show winners:

First place: Holly Salverio
Second place:  Hans Herman
Third place:  Alin Lopez

The exhibit is on display until May 6 in Communication Hall. If you missed it, you can check out more photos on Flickr.



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