Top 10 NCC News Stories of the Year

December 21, 2012

What were the most-read news articles on Northampton NOW, Northampton Community College's online news site, in 2012? Take a look back at this year in review, told by the most popular NCC stories in chronological order:

More Colleges and Universities Welcome NCC Grads
Readers wanted to know the details of new special options for NCC students who are interested in transferring to Lehigh and Lafayette.

NCC Launches "Faces of Success"
A special issue of Northampton Magazine devoted entirely to the nominees of the college's recent "Who's Next?" billboard contest was unveiled at a launch party in April.

A Visit from the Next President
After Dr. Scott announced his retirement, curiosity abounded about his successor. When Dr. Erickson paid a visit in April to meet with students, readers got clicking.

A Call from the White House
How many people can say they've been on the phone with the President of the United States? Two of our students can!

Heads Were Turned
Tales of strange creatures walking around campus with gigantic heads were true. The reason? The Art Department's annual Big Heads and Big Ideas Parade!

Does NCC Rock?
It sure does! Just ask the people who work here. Everyone wanted to see the photos and get the scoop from the annual Staff Appreciation Dinner in May. It was full of surprises - including a reunion of the "Blues Brothers"!

No Ordinary Commencement
It's never an ordinary commencement at NCC - how can it be when all of our grads are so awesome? The May 2012 commencement was extra special, however, since it was also Dr. Art Scott's last one before retiring.

Farewell But Not Goodbye
It's hard to properly pay tribute to two amazing leaders who together have served NCC for a combined 73 years. The NCC community came out in droves to do so, at a touching, fun-filled farewell celebration for retiring Dr. Art Scott, NCC president, and Susan Kubik, vice president of institutional advancement and executive director of the NCC Foundation.

NCC Inaugurates New President
Dr. Mark Erickson was sworn in as the fourth president on October 4, after a weeklong celebration. He received a warm, community welcome in the Northampton way!

Volleyball Advances to Final Four
What a fantastic run! Our women's volleyball team had a dream season this fall, claiming their first-ever Region XIX championship. They headed to the Final Four in North Carolina at 22-0 but their steak ended when they fell to Davison County Community College. We are all so proud of their incredible season!

In addition to the latest news about NCC, readers flock to Northampton NOW for news they can use. Some of the most popular features on NOW are the Food Court Menu, Nic Nac Trader, and Fun Stuff. In fact, Fun Stuff's "Q & A," where faculty and staff answer interesting and fun questions, is the most-read feature on NOW. Look for Fun Stuff features to resume on January 14.

Have a happy new year! We look forward to sharing more good news with you in 2013!

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