Top 12 List

November 02, 2012

Some students were clearly unhappy that NCC reopened on Wednesday, only 36 hours afterTim Jackson Hurricane Sandy pummeled the East Coast.  Power was still off in many areas of Northampton and Monroe counties and storm clean-up was just beginning. 

Other students were thrilled.

An informal poll taken in Laub Lounge and the Student Life Zone on Thursday showed 7% of students felt the College should still be closed. The other 93% listed multiple reasons why they were grateful the College had opened.

Here's what they valued most:

1.  WarmthShawn Paul and a friend charge up.

2.  Being able to charge their cell phones and other electronic devices

3.  Lights

4.  Hot meals

5.  Not missing more classes

6.  Being able to use the library

7.  Being able to shower in the locker rooms

8.  Coffee!Ashley Shields

9.  Being allowed to bring their children to campus so they didn't have to miss classes even though public schools were closed

10.  Seeing their friends

11.  Having something to do

12.  Feeling safe




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