Welcome New NCC Monroe Student Senators!

February 20, 2013

Congratulations to new NCC Monroe senators Jasmine Buhtanic, Oscar Ferguson and Rachel Thompson. They join the current Student Governance members:(l-r) Cameron Smith, Colin Schwager, Victor Rivera, Deana Deaza, Jose Valderrama, Jasmine Buhtanic, Krystal Thompson, Tawfiq Abdulaziz, Shanna Wade

Jose Valderrama, president
Tawfiq Abdulaziz, vice president
Deana Deaza, secretary
Victor Rivera, treasurer
Colin Schwager, senator
PJ Nolan Jr., senator
Krystal Thompson, senator
Shanna Wade, senator
Cameron Smith, senator

The Monroe Student Governance acts for and on behalf of the Monroe student body and sponsors many events and service learning projects throughout the year.

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