What the Posters Said

by Myra Saturen
May 03, 2013

In pictures and words on posters they had made, students in English 101 classes on the MonroeAshley Rivera classes presented their views on issues from pit bulls to the role of play in classrooms.  The students had to defend their positions to faculty and staff judges.  Posters contained pictures, graphs, charts, and text, all to support the student's argument or information  The presentations, developed from written essays, took place on May 1 and on May 2.

A sampling of the students and their topics includes:
Ashley Rivera, "Why Play in Classrooms?"
Joe Coddington, "Alzheimer's Disease"
Joseph Ford, "Underage Drinking"
Erin Sumpter, "Pitbulls"
Ashley LaFontaine, "Death of a Loved One"
Nicholas Bozzolo, "Conspiracy Theories"
Ryan Dekmar, "Cybersecurity"

Students were judged according to the visual qualities of clarity, fluency and dynamism in their posters and  their command of conversation with the judges.

Winners were Ryan Dekmar, Friernsou Laurent, Courtney McKee and Sonia Odoñez.

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