The Susan K. Kubik Tribute Garden

gardenWould you like to commemorate a loved one in a tranquil setting at Northampton? Is there a special person or event you would like to pay tribute to? The Susan K. Kubik Tribute Garden is a space to remember and celebrate cherished friends, family or College faculty and staff while adding to the beauty of our Main Campus.

The Susan K. Kubik Tribute Garden was established by the Foundation on two acres of Main Campus between Penn and Commonwealth Halls to provide an open space for students, faculty and staff and to be a space for tribute or memorial.

There are a variety of opportunities to be a part of The Susan K. Kubik Tribute Garden at Northampton Community College for honor or remembrance, including:

Benches are available for a contribution of $3,000. The location of each bench will be at the College's discretion with the donor's request taken into consideration. Benches are six feet long and made of 100% recycled plastic in a cedar finish with a bronze powder coated frame. The donor's dedication, engraved on a 2" x 10" brass plaque, will be affixed to the back of the bench.

Engraved Pavers


4 x 8 Name and Graduation Year if Alumnus
8 x 8 Two to three lines of text
12 x 12 Five lines of text




Ornamental Trees with Seasonal Color 3" Caliper
Shade Trees 4" Caliper


The Susan K. Kubik Tribute Garden will be planted primarily with Pennsylvania native trees and plantings that will thrive in Zone 6. The trees have been selected for their variety and hardiness. A list of the trees that may be chosen includes:

Shade Trees 4" Caliper

Ornamental Trees (Size dependent on species)

Red Maple
Sugar Maple
Apple Serviceberry
River Birch
Scarlet Oak
Tulip Tree

Fringe Tree
Pagoda Dogwood
Bald Cypress
Lily of the Valley Tree
Red Bud

The exact location for each tree in the garden is at the College's discretion with the donors request taken into consideration. After planting, the tree will be identified with a plaque with the dedication, as provided by the donor.

Trees planted will have a three year replacement guarantee. If the tree dies within three years from the time planted, the tree will be replaced by the Northampton Community College Foundation with the same species and variety of tree wherever possible.

Small Shade and Sitting Gardens
Small garden areas are available in a number of locations and can be designed to reflect the donor's intent.

Be A Part Of The Susan K. Kubik Tribute Garden
Donations may be made at one time or over a period of one to three years. Additions to the garden will be made when one half of the commitment is completed. Donations are made to the Northampton Community College Foundation. Please contact Catherine DeHart at or 610-861-5449 to discuss your wishes.

Tribute Garden Gifts Online Form

The Susan K. Kubik Tribute Garden Pledge Form (PDF print-out)

Gifts to benefit the Band of Brothers "Tribute to the Troops in Veterans Plaza" in The Susan K. Kubik Tribute Garden should be directed to the NCC Foundation. Using the form above provide instructions as to how you would like your gift used.

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