EcoTech Marine
"As a company on the leading edge of technology, our fabrication requirements are constantly evolving. As a small business the cost of ownership for new equipment is impractical, but the benefits of ownership are invaluable. The NCC Fab Lab fills this void and has allowed us to operate at a faster pace and a lower cost when developing new products."

Justin Lawyer
EcoTech Marine

Fab Lab Helps 11-Year Old Budding Entrepreneur
The Fab Lab recently assisted Bethlehem adolescent, Dino Zaharakis and budding entrepreneur, in producing the prototype for his dzdock Ones. The dzdock One is a dock holder for iPads, iPhone, Kindles, nooks, other ereaders and smart phones. With the help of the Fab Lab, Dino was able to produce and test three dimensional prototypes. Dino successfully developed his product with the help of the Fab Lab and other Pennsylvania businesses. He has been featured on local news channels and even sold his first order for dzdock Ones to the Center for Business & Industry at Northampton Community College in October 2010. To find out more about Dino and his product, please visit:

BioSample Solutions
The 3D-Printer at the Fab Lab has been an extremely valuable asset to us, here at BioSample Solutions.  Having the capability to obtain rapid prototypes in a few days is one of the key elements helping us to transform design concepts to real products.  It also gives us the opportunity to create unique objects composed of just one piece of material, which are sometimes not possible for a machine shop to accomplish.  It usually takes less than 2 days from the time our drawings are received until the time we are able to pick up our prototypes, and the cost is typically much lower than what a machine shop would charge for the same prototype.  Below are some pictures of some of the prototypes we have had made.  We have been very happy with everything from the 3D-Printer and the Fab Lab thus far, and look forward to continuing to utilize them as much as possible. 

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Contact James Weiler (jweiler@northampton.edu) or Jeffrey Boerner (jboerner@northampton.edu) at 610-332-8665 or e-mail fablab@northampton.edu if you have any questions.

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