Monroe Alert
Due to continuing water system issues, a boil water advisory has been issued which will affect the Monroe Campus through Wed., Feb. 28. "Do Not Drink Water" signs are posted at all water sources and bottled water will be available in Pocono Hall at the Food Court area at no charge.

Rachel Rivera, Student

Rachel Rivera came to NCC hoping for a career that would give her something new and exciting to look forward to. What better career than Hospitality? "You get to experience very diverse opportunities ... to interact with new and different people and situations every day," she says.

The best thing about NCC's program, in Rachel's view, is that there's always a lot going on. She also loves that the program is small enough that "the faculty really gets involved with the students. The faculty is always there to assist you."

Her advice to students considering the program? "Be open to engaging in all the opportunities available to you. You'll connect with industry professionals and make excellent contacts. You'll get so much support at NCC, you'll be ready to begin your career as soon as you graduate!"