artWe believe the arts provide children with a unique language through which they can both construct and express their imaginations and knowledge. Our curriculum emphasizes active exploration of the environment to strengthen the physical, social/emotional, cognitive and creative growth of each child. Teachers use strategies and techniques central to Art as a Way of Learning® to plan and implement curriculum.

Children's artistic literacy gives them opportunities for critical thinking, problem solving, and reflection. Such opportunities challenge children to communicate to others what they see and know about their worlds and to become more familiar with the artistic expressions of other cultures.

Our goal is to teach each child to:

  • communicate and represent what they know and feel
  • create and solve problems critically and creatively
  • connect to community, family, and culture
  • develop and maintain positive relationships and understanding of self

The college campus provides a rich resource for field trips and research that strengthens the learning of children. Special features include:

  • Access to the college campus which serves as a classroom resource for field trips to the children's library, art shows and cultural events.
  • Emergent projects that evolve from children's interests.
  • Local artists, who model, teach and lend their expertise to the teachers through our "Artist in Residence" program. Contingent on grant sponsorship.
  • Journals that serve as a transition from home to school, foster literacy development and create a safe place for children to express their emotions.
  • Visual documentation of children's learning and development.

A Child's Day
In the infant/toddler rooms, feedings, naps, and learning activities are provided on an individual basis. In the preschool classrooms, children explore interests by interacting with materials, adults and each other.

Activities include snack, group time, large motor activities or outdoor walks, lunch and rest. Lunch is generally between 11:00AM - 12:00PM. Children are provided with a quiet time after lunch. Children who are in care for five or more hours per day, or with parents' request, are expected to rest. Children who stay awake may engage in quiet activities.

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