ESL Language Lab

ESLLearning a new language can be difficult. ESL students can learn English more effectively with additional practice and support. Our ESL Language Lab is the place to go to:

  • Seek academic advising about which ESL classes are right for you
  • Get free tutoring
  • Practice English language learning software when you start your courses
  • Study and work on homework

The ESL Lab is staffed with a full-time Professional Assistant/Academic Advisor, several work-study Student Assistants, and multiple tutors, some who speak several languages!
Our lab is open 6 days per week for your convenience.

ESLOur tutors have many combined years of experience working with ESL students. All of our students are entitled to one (1) free hour of tutoring each week.

All ESL students must complete 15 hours of Lab Hours as a course requirement. This provides essential practice to help you learn and improve your English. We offer several software packages to help you meet these goals, including "Grammar 3-D," "English Discoveries," "Understanding and Using English Grammar," as well as over 20 computer stations where you can access a large number of ESL websites.

Our Language Lab is located in Richardson Hall, Room 215 on our Main Campus.

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