Student Support Services

monroe peopleAt Northampton, your success is our goal. Our specialized services are designed to assist you through some of the unique experiences you may face. Select from one of the programs below to find out how we can help.


If you are a student who is first generation college and has struggled academically the SUCCESS program could be a great sourc e of additional support. Read more about how to participate in SUCCESS here.

Stem Success
If you are working toward a degree in a science or technology field at NCC with the goal of immediate career opportunities, STEM Success may be for you. Find out more about the program here.

Smart Start
The Smart Start program is a one week, summer program for first time, full time students who are selected by the Counseling and Support Services staff. It is designed to assist new students who may have difficulty making the transition from high school to college because of their previous educational experience, the fact that they are first generation college or because of their racial or ethnic background.

Spartan Pros
The Spartan PROS (Protégés Reaching Out for Success) is an initiative geared towards African-American Male students who want to excel academically and socially at NCC. It is a mentoring program where students learn how to navigate the college experience through one-on-one interactions with NCC faculty and/or staff.

Study Skills and Support Services Presentations
If you want to utilize Northampton Community College’s skill building workshops then this is right for you. Through recorded online presentations, you can enjoy the services NCC has to offer in the COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME! NCC Faculty and Staff share their expertise on many different topics ranging from "Stress Management" and "Beating Public Speaking Fear" to "Test Taking Skills" and "Memory Strategies." Click here for a full list of topics, descriptions and recordings.

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