Are you:

  • The first member of your family to attend college?
  • Feeling that you arrived at college unprepared for the challenge?
  • A non-native English speaker?
  • From a disadvantaged background?
  • A returning adult student?
  • Attending college with the help of financial aid?
  • Relying on public transportation to get you to and from school?
  • Enrolled in at least 3 credit hours at the Bethlehem campus?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, you might be a great candidate for a special program called SUCCESS.

SUCCESS is a program for currently enrolled NCC students who want to use the resources around them to the fullest. SUCCESS creates a support network for you so that you can achieve your goals.

The Success Program offers:

One-on-One Advising
Meet with Student Success Specialist to discuss your academic goals and develop an academic plan.

Academic Enhancement
Tutoring is available through the Learning Center at the College. Special sessions may be scheduled based on student need.

Career Exploration
Career assessments will help you review your strengths and help you select an area of study.

Financial Assistance
Under special circumstances some students will receive a tuition or textbook scholarship from the Success program.

Additional Assistance
The Success Specialist works with students on an individual basis and serves as their academic advisor. He assists students on all issues related to college adjustment.

Ready To Apply For The Success Program?
You will need to schedule an initial interview to discuss the program in detail and decide if you are ready to commit to its requirements. Contact Tyrone Wright, Student Success Administrator, at 610-861-4149 or to set up your appointment.

Tyrone's primary role is to coordinate the Student Success program for students who could benefit from mentoring, specialized advising and some financial support. Tyrone has a passion for supporting students on the path to achieving their academic goals. During his time at NCC, he has been highly involved in guiding student athletes and initiating programs that provide additional academic support to students in need. He has also made valuable contributions to educational programs in the area of racial/cultural diversity.

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