Monroe Campus Closed
Due to continuing water system issues, evening classes at NCC's Monroe campus are cancelled for tonight, Thursday Jan. 18.

Honors Courses

In any given semester, the following Honors Courses are available:

Biology: Contemporary Biology
Communications: Speech Communications
Chemistry: Chemistry in Contemporary Society
English: English I & II, Irish Literature, African American Literature, Literature: Shakespeare
Geography: Contemporary Middle East
History: American History I & II
Journalism: Journalism & Society
Philosophy: Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics & Moral Problems, Asian Philosophies
Political Science: Introduction to Political Science
Psychology: Introduction to Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Sociology: Principles of Sociology

Students are designated Honors program graduates on their transcripts if they have completed 12 credits (four courses) of honors coursework with a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Students also have the opportunity to get involved with the Honors Program Student Fellowship, a club that develops a sense of community among students and provides planning and feedback for development of the Honors program and related trips.