Dual Enrollment FAQ

What is the cost to take a dual enrollment course?

Dual Enrollment students pay a special reduced rate because they are not charged any fees. The cost varies based off the number of credits a student takes. Most courses are three credits. Tuition rates are as follows:

Northampton County Resident: $100 per credit x 3 credits = $300 a class

Monroe County Resident: $150 per credit x 3 credits = $450 a class

How to Apply?

  • Speak with your School Counselor to see if you qualify for Dual Enrollment classes at NCC.
  • Complete the FREE online Dual Enrollment application.
  • When you submit the application there will be a confirmation page with a link that will direct you to the FERPA and Approval Form (PDF), which can also be found in your School Counseling Office. Please have all required parties (including parent and school counselor/ principal) sign and return this paperwork to the address listed or dualenrollment@northampton.edu ASAP.
  • Request a high school transcript (per your high schools instructions) as part of the review process.

Application complete, what’s next?

Once all your application materials are received and reviewed you will be sent an acceptance packet, as a Dual Enrollment student. Please review this packet, and be sure to keep your paperwork with your NCC ID number handy, as it will be very important for you learn during your time here.

Next, register for courses! Check with your high school to see if the NCC College Connection Specialist will be hosting a registration day at your school. If so, we encourage you to register in person, on that day.  If your school does not host a registration day, or you are unable to attend, you may visit the Admissions Office in Bethlehem or the Enrollment Service Office in Tannersville and someone will assist you.

Are there scholarship opportunities?

Yes. There are a limited number of need-based scholarships available in each high school. Students must receive free or reduced lunch to be considered for the scholarship which will cover one class per academic year. Please contact your School Counselor for more information.

How do I register for a class?

  • You must complete the application paperwork before you can register. Please be sure to bring all paperwork with you. More details can be found at www.northampton.edu/collegeconnections.
  • Complete a Registration Form with your NCC College Connection Specialist during a registration day at your high school. You can sign up in your School Counseling Office
  • If your school does not host a registration day, you can also register on-campus at the Enrollment Services Center.

What classes should I take?

There are a variety of courses available every semester both on and off campus, as well as online. The most popular course areas include: English, Psychology, Sociology, and Speech Communications. Some classes have a 3.0 GPA or high school course requirement. Students who do not meet the pre-requisite qualifications can take a placement test. Students can take 1-11 credits per semester.

Placement Test Information

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What are the benefits of dual enrollment?

There are many benefits to Dual Enrollment at NCC. Students will save money by earning college credits in high school and paying a reduced rate. Students will also have the chance to see what college courses are really like and show colleges that they can handle the work. Dual enrollment can reduce the time it takes to earn a college degree, specialized diploma or certificate. The credits earned can be applied to a Northampton Community College program or can be transferred to many different institutions.

  • Dual enrollment at NCC gives you the chance to learn what it takes to be successful in college.
  • Dual enrollment students get a first-hand look at how college courses compare to high school, and college credits earned transfer to many four year colleges, reducing your college costs.       
  • Dual enrollment students only pay credit tuition fees, meaning all associated fees outside of the credits you are taking are waived. Click here for full tuition and payment information.
  • Dual enrollment at NCC allows you to earn college transferable credits before enrolling in a degree program so you can graduate from college early or on time!
  • Dual enrollment can offer a chance for students who may not have taken AP or honors classes to demonstrate a more rigorous course load on their transcripts.

How do I pay my bill?

NCC offers several ways to pay your bill, including a payment plan. For additional information please visit - Methods of Payment.