Live Your Adventure

Residing on campus breaks you free from your current routine. Challenge yourself and be challenged.

As a resident at Northampton, you will be a part of big things. Events, trips, activities just for residents. Sometimes those things will be school sponsored, like the annual welcome picnic outside . Sometimes they will be your best friend's chocolate-cream cookie eating contest. And sometimes the best things will be your crazy midnight-inspired ideas. You'll accumulate entertaining stories and memories that start with "remember the time we...". Some of last year's events included:

  • Residence Hall Council Color Walls. A competition between hallways.
  • Mirror, Mirror. A discussion on self-image and self-reflection.
  • International Food Night. Free, delicious, weird food.
  • Smash Bros Tournament. Cookies. Pikachu. Victory.

Be Close to Your Passions

College is about connections, right? Your future business partner and your most brilliant future employee could both be attending the Architecture club right now. Connect with them. As a resident at Northampton, you have greater opportunities to meet and learn outside the classroom with the people who will be your competition and your friends. Don't miss out because you can't be at the club meetings.

AIAS (Architecture)

Anthropology Club

Arts Association

ASID (Interior Design)

Acta Non Verba (Dance Club)

Anime Club

How Do You Meet New People?

Jeremiah Coleman

"What you have to tell yourself is that at first, of course these people are all strangers. But it turns out that once you get to know them, you find you have a lot in common."