Required Forms

Health Form

All resident students are required to have a completed Health Form to live on campus. This must be completed prior to check in.  Residents will need to upload their Health Form to the My Record Tracker® software prior to check-in. It is suggested to have all your Health Form information uploaded at least two weeks prior to check-in so the Health & Wellness Center has time to review the Health Form requirements and notify you if there are outstanding items.

Creating your Health Form Account

Within two weeks of signing your Housing Contract, you will receive an e-mail from to create your account. Please be sure to check your "junk" mailbox for this email if you have not received it. You will then be able to upload your Health Form information. 

Important Note* - If you are a housing student and are in a major that requires a Health Form (such as Allied Health, Culinary Arts, or Education), you will want to continue to monitor your NCC e-mail and personal e-mail accounts.  Each Health Form record will be connected to one of your e-mail accounts (NCC or personal). 

Uploading your Health Form

For assistance on uploading your Health Form information, please refer to the My Record Tracker® Student Guide

Housing On-Campus Recommendation Form

Housing On-Campus Recommendation Form (PDF) is required to complete the Housing application process. If you have not turned this in, you will need to print the form out, give it to your High School Guidance Counselor or Dean Of Student's Office (if you attended a previous College/Institution), and have the form returned to the Housing & Residence Life Office. 

Housing and Residence Life Handbook