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A Thankful Pup

Meet Toby

Karen Layton,

Over the years, the Northampton Community College staff at the Pocono Corporate Center East (PCCE) site have had their share of lost pets and wildlife inPictured here (left to right) Michelle Cotto and best friend Shellie, Tina Frindt, Karen Layton, and Toby (a month after being rescued). need of help, but it took a group effort by truck driver training staff and students, as well as adult literacy staff, to bring one drenched pup in from the rain and into the home of Karen Layton.

Underweight, tick infested, and drenched, this pup had been wandering around the truck driving yard at PCCE for over a week, sleeping under the trailers or in a nearby woodpile, until finally lured close enough to catch.

Director Tina Frindt and secretary Michelle Cotto brought the Labrador retriever in from the pouring rain, dried him off, and got him settled in the office. Students went out and bought a collar, a dish, and some food. Tina called the vet and Michelle posted the dog on the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe's (AWSOM) Facebook page.

Without identification, the dog would have to be fostered until every effort to find its owner was exhausted. It took Karen Layton, instructional manager, adult literacy, one look to know this dog would be coming home with her that night.

Daily checks on lost dog websites and numerous calls to the shelter were made, but there were no inquiries. Weeks went by and the stray was settling into the Layton home. This guy needed a name. Michelle Cotto came up with "Toby"- short for Tobyhanna, the place where he was found.

It's been 6 months since Toby came in from the rain and into the hearts of the NCC staff. He is now a healthy and happy pup, and has found his forever family with the Layton family.

A big "thank you" to all the NCC students and staff that helped withToby.