Blowin' in the Wind

Wind turbine is up and running at the Monroe Campus

It took longer to wait for April showers to subside than it did to complete the installation of the latest and most visible enhancement to Northampton Community College'sWind Turbine LEED-Gold certified campus in Monroe County.  

When the skies cleared after several days of rain, a construction crew from West Side Electric was able to raise an 80-foot wind turbine on the lawn next to Keystone Hall in under three hours on the morning of April 13.   

As soon as the electrical tie-ins were complete and the giant blades were released, the turbine began producing electricity.   

The structure serves as a beacon for a campus built as a model of sustainability.  Solar panels and a geothermal heat and cooling system already minimize energy costs.  The wind turbine will generate additional savings as well as being a teaching tool.  

Soon students, faculty and staff will be able to track its productivity in real time on monitors in each of the college's buildings.  

"The campus was designed to be a living and learning laboratory for students and others who are committed to being responsible stewards of the environment," said NCC's president, Dr. Mark Erickson.  "The wind turbine gives people an opportunity to learn about another type of clean energy."

See the wind turbine going up on WNEP news.