On Election Day, a different kind of contest

Students participate in NCC's tenth annual speech contest

Myra Saturen,

As the last voters entered the voting booths in Pennsylvania on November 4, judges and the audience at Northampton Community College (NCC) were listening to seven student contestants in the College's tenth annual speech contest.

All students at NCC are advised to take courses in speech communication. In the fall, this means that about 2,000 students are enrolled in these classes. Recommended by their instructors, a few are chosen to compete. This evening's contestants numbered seven. They included...Speech Contest Fall 2014

Evi Kim, spoke about the tiny homes movement, a trend for young couples, empty nesters and others to move into houses around 200 square feet. These homes, Kim said, are artful, affordable and energy-saving.

Rachel Esposito described the proper care of pet rabbits, from handling, indoor and outdoor housing and feeding.

Patrick Grifone discussed the dangers of the digital age, cyberbullying. Citing statistics that 42% of high school students and 10-28% of college students experience this online harassment, he explored motivations for bullying, the effects on the harassed and what people can do to prevent it.

Tiffany Silfies traced the history of condoms, from cave paintings going back tens of thousands of years to the present day. She also described materials used in condom manufacture throughout time and the benefits of their use.

Gabby Kennedy analyzed the appeal of horror movies and the reasons people, especially teens, love them. She demonstrated how these films activate areas in the brain and showed a clip from Jaws.

Joe Shanley explained and showed video clips of him doing parkour, a sport whose participants dodge obstacles such as walls swiftly, sometimes in rapid succession.

Marissa Brewer talked about Anne Frank and her family. Through photographs, she remembered Frank's mother, father, sister and the other people hidden with them by Miep Gies and Victor Kepler.

The finalists were:

First place - Tiffany Silfies

Second Finisher - Rachel Esposito

Third Finisher - Patrick Grifone

Finalists - Evi Kim, Gabby Kennedy, Joe Shanley, and Marissa Brewer.

Professor Tim Molchany served as master of ceremonies and Professor Jennifer del Quadro as speech contest coordinator.