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A wounded war hero talks about the importance of dogs

by Cynthia Tintorri,

Dan Lasko '09 and MaggieWounded war hero and NCC graduate Dan Lasko '09 has teamed up with Pedigree dog food to highlight the importance dogs play in our lives.

On "The View" last week, Lasko explained how his service dog, Wally, helps him with recovery from his injuries and from the anxiety associated with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder.) Lasko recently filmed a commercial for Pedigree (currently being aired nationally as part of the company's "Feed the Good" campaign) in which he rescues a dog. In real life, he brought the dog, Maggie, home to live with his family.

In a recent interview, Lasko said, "After filming the first Feed the Good commercial with Pedigree and meeting Maggie, I knew I needed to bring her home with me. She had been through a rough time already, as had I, and I felt bringing her into our family would not only help her, but would continue my journey to healing. I think all dog owners know that feeling of having your dog, your best friend, by your side, and this film brings it to light in a really powerful way. I hope it encourages people to take note of the bond between dog and owner, and hopefully encourages them to consider adopting to help dogs in need, knowing that they can help us as well."

For more of Dan Lasko's story, check out this biographical video about him and Wally, called "By My Side."Dan Lasko's service dog, Wally