Staff Appreciation Stardate 2016

"Starship Northampton" Lands at NCC

Photos by Brian Shaud,

The crew of "Starship Northampton"The annual Staff Appreciation Dinner represents one of the final frontiers of the academic year for faculty and staff at Northampton Community College. On May 21 the crew of "Starship Northampton" touched down in the Arthur L. Scott Spartan Center to complete an important mission:  to celebrate the conclusion of a memorable year and to honor colleagues who have reached notable milestones in their careers. 

The event boldly went where no other had gone before with a science fiction theme. Led by Captain Mark Erickson, the crew consisting of Carolyn Bortz, vice president of academic affairs, Christine Pense, dean of humanities and social sciences, and Denise Francois-Seeney, dean of business and technology, beamed down for a face-to-face meeting with Obi-Wan Bruce Palmer, secretary of the board of trustees. 

Journeying into gastro space, the crowd enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Sodexo. Selections included Boba Fett-uccini, Princess Leia's Space Buns, and Yoda Soda. After the crew bravely survived a tribble attack, awards were given out.

The grand finale of the evening was an epic battle between Captain Erickson and Darth Vader, played by William Mutimer, associate professor of communication/theatre.  Mutimer also wrote and directed the night's entertainment.  See photos here.

The highest award the College presents went to Andrea Corrado who was recently promoted to associate professor of nursing.  Corrado received the Christensen Award for Excellence in Teaching.  Students praise Corrado for her enthusiasm, for understanding "that not all students learn in the same way," and for doing "whatever it takes to see her students succeed."  One said, "I feel like I learned more in her one semester than I have in my other three semesters combined. 

Other recipients of awards for professional excellence went to:

Michael Sparrow, director of the Learning Center - Professional Staff Excellence

Sharon Zagorski (Online Learning) - Support Staff Excellence

Michael Markle (Mathematics) - Excellence in Teaching by a Part-Time Faculty Member

Mariann Fuller (Student Affairs) - Part-Time Staff Excellence

Jennifer Grube (Community Education) - Excellence in Non-Credit Instruction

The Dick and Pat Richardson Northampton Spirit Award, given annually to a member of the campus community who embodies "The Northampton Way" through commitment to learning, student success, and service to the College, was shared by Diana Holva (Student Veterans Services) and William Schaffer (Adult Literacy & Basic Workforce Development).

Helene Whitaker, vice president for administrative affairs, was named Administrator Emerita in recognition of 31 years of outstanding service to Northampton, including expanding the College's service to students and the community by playing a key role in securing the public funding needed to construct a new campus in Monroe County and to convert what was once

the old Bethlehem Steel plant on Bethlehem's Southside into a heavily-used center of education and workforce development and for helping to make Northampton one of the most effective and respected community colleges in the country.



Maria T. DelGrosso - Bursar, June 30, 2016
Janet M. Laubenstein - Professor, Computer/Information Science, May 31, 2016
Sarah Moser - Administrative Assistantto Vice President, Administrative Affairs, June 30, 2016
Ann M. Reiners - Financial Aid Officer, June 30, 2016
Catherine E. Rienzo - Professor, Sonography, December 23, 2015
Laura J. Shamburger - Monroe Office Assistant, January 4, 2016
Anne C. Taylor, Director, Grants, April 1, 2016
Helene M.Whitaker - Vice President, Administrative Affairs, June 30, 2016 

To Professor
Christine K. Armstrong - Communication/Theatre
Annette M. Bruno - Education
Kathleen G. Kresge - Biology  

To Associate Professor
Belinda M. Anderson - Reading
Pamela A. Bradley - Reading
Andrea L. Corrado - Nursing
Courtney L. Eger - Information Services Librarian
Karen M. Klein - Biology
William G. Mutimer - Communication/Theatre
Kurt A. Withey - Mathematics  

To Assistant Professor
James N. Colon - Counseling
Susan R. Manela - Office Administration 

STANDARD APPOINTMENTS  (Equivalent to Tenure)
Karen A. M. Anderko - Associate Professor, Biology
Samantha A. Beebe - Associate Professor, Biology
Andrea L. Corrado - Assistant Professor, Nursing
Daniel G. Ebner - Assistant Professor, Architecture
Lucille H. Keim - Associate Professor, Radiography
Karen M. Klein - Assistant Professor, Biology
William J. Magilton - Associate Professor, Chemistry
William G. Mutimer - Assistant Professor, Communication Theatre
Melenese Sivells - Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education
Kurt A. Withey - Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Belinda M. Anderson - D.Ed., Reading & Language Arts/Reading Diagnostician, Widener University
Judith L. Buenaflor - Ed.S., Adult Education, Walden University
Carlos L. Cruz - Ph.D., Communication, Ohio State University
Rosa E. Ferguson - M.Ed., Education, Kutztown University
Karen L. Klein - M.Ed., Counseling & Human Services, Lehigh University
Shivaun R. Leslie - BA, Business Administration, Strayer University
Denise C. Madzik - MS, Early Childhood Studies, Walden University
Rebecca L. Martin - Ph.D., English, Lehigh University
Daniel L. Olsheski - MA, Information & Communications Technology, University of Denver
William R. Schaffer - Ph.D., Education, Capella University 

Full Time
Karen A. M. Anderko - Associate Professor, Biology
Kim A. Bloom - Assistant Professor, Sonography
Annette M. Bruno - Associate Professor, Education
Karen R. D'Angelo - Administrative Assistant to the Vice President,  Institutional Advancement
Julia A. Griffith - Bursar's Assistant
Sholomo Ben Levy - Associate Professor, History
Jane R. Lindemuth - Dental Assistant                                              
Addirys Lugo-Bermudez - Assistant Director, Admissions
Nancy A. Moreau - Professor, Education - Monroe Campus
Holly M. O'Connor - Grants and Contracts Administrator
Mary Jean Osborne - Director, Nursing Programs
Anthony F. Rizzotto - Systems Administrator
Tania L. Rose - Central Duplicating Operator
Lisa A. Scott - Child Care Assistant
John F. Spirk, Jr. - Professor, Criminal Justice
Karen B. Unger - Finance Office Assistant
Ginger B. Yavorski - Associate Registrar   

Part Time
Amy L Balliet - Adjunct, Allied Health and Sciences
Dominic E. Bellucci, Jr. - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Lisa Ann Bier - Adjunct, Community Education
William E. Blickensderfer - Admissions Officer
R. Todd Breinich - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences, Online Learning
Daniel R. Chadwick - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Science, Online Learning
William E. Christine - Artist is Residence, Education and Academic Success
Kathleen H. Coddington - Adjunct, Community Education
Christina M. Cucchiara - Adjunct, Community Education
Marjorie L. Decker - Secretary, Business and Technology/CBI
Christina E. Derhammer - Adjunct, Community Education
Erin M. Dreher - Adjunct, Community Education
Mansour Y. Farhat - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Therese S. Farmer - Adjunct, Allied Health and Sciences
Michele A. Frankenberg - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences - Monroe Campus
Ann M. Gillerlane - Adjunct, Education and Academic Success, Online Learning
Cheryl M. Goral - Adjunct, Student Affairs, Online Learning
Geoffrey R. Hall - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences
Mary Ann Haupt - Adjunct, Community Education
Walter I. Heath - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences
Dorothea Josephs-Spaulding - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences - Monroe Campus
Joleone K. Kinney - Adjunct, Community Education
Scott M. Landis - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences
Norma C. Leibert - Custodian - Monroe Campus
Yingqi Lu - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences
Dannell M. MacIlwraith - Adjunct Humanities and Social Sciences
Marie Main - Adjunct, Business and Technology, Online Learning
Linda J. Marciano - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences, Online Learning
Jeffrey M. McGinley - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Virginia M. Mervine - Adjunct, Community Education
Timothy D. Metz - Adjunct, Community Education
Colette R. Mitch - Adjunct, Community Education
Nicolette M. Mitch-Guerra - Adjunct, Community Education
David E. Molloy - Adjunct, Community Education
Wayne M. Moreau - Adjunct, Business and Technology, Online Learning - Monroe Campus
Amy B. Moulton - Adjunct, Business and Technology - Monroe Campus
Katherine Noll - Writer/Editor/Social Media Manager, Public Information
Carol Pena - Secretary, Student Affairs
Debra A. Peters - Adjunct, Community Education
Susan A. Pettit - Adjunct, Business and Technology, Online Learning
Thomas C. Raidline - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Kent L. Roth - Adjunct, Community Education
Myra S. Saturen - Writer/Editor, Public Information
Janet E. Sazo - Waitress
David A. Schell - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences, Online Learning
Judith A. Stanczak - Adjunct, Community Education
John R. Steiner - Tutor, Learning Center
Ellen M. Stenger - Adjunct, Business and Technology - Monroe Campus
Patricia G. Stephens - Finance Office Assistant
Susan A. Strisofsky - Adjunct, Allied Health and Sciences  
Lyn M. Super - Adjunct, Allied Health and Sciences
Robert J. Svitilla - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Susan M. Swanson - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences - Monroe Campus
Elaine M. Takacs - Customer Service Representative, Call Center
Gerald R. Turner - Adjunct, Business and Technology, Online Learning
Shaun W. Wagner - Adjunct, Community Education
Joseph S. Walker - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences, Online Learning
Donna F. Walter - Adjunct, Education and Academic Success, Online Learning
Michael F. West - Adjunct, Business and Technology, Online Learning   

Full Time  
Ross J. Bandics - Professor, Counseling
Thomas C. Briggs - Director, Network and Information Technology Security Services
Patricia A. Canavan - Administrative Assistant, Public Information
Roy Chau - Custodian - Monroe CampusV
Valarie Ann Clymer - Secretary, Center for Healthcare Education
William A. Connor - Secretary, Residence Life
Valarie J. Deemer - Bursar
Kathleen M. Dolin -Professor, Nursing
Scott C. George - Manager, Facilities Operations/Technology Specialist
James M. Lake - Security Officer
Irene E. Mast - Program Manager, CPR/First Aid Training Programs
Jane A. McCarthy - Assistant Director, Community Programs
Richard G. Meyers - Assistant Professor, Automotive Technology
Dyane E. Miller - Operations Manager, Adult Literacy/Basic Workforce Development
Juan G. Montoya - Custodian
Susan Mosser - Records Assistant
Mitchell E. Murtha - Assistant Dean of Students
Barbara A. Pechacek - Secretary to the Dean of Allied Health and Sciences
Brian K. Post - Assistant Director, Maintenance, Grounds and Project Management
Alexander Rolón - Associate Professor, Mathematics
Susan M. Roth - Associate Professor, Culinary Arts
Donna H. Talaber - Administrative Assistant, Human Resources
Joan L. Tomino - Secretary, Humanities and Social Sciences
Denille M. Vall-Spinosa - Child Care Assistant - Monroe Campus
Adrian E. Yaguez - Associate Director, Athletics  

Part Time 
David L. Arnold - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Carmen L. Ayala - Custodian
John Bloshinski, II - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Stephen M. Goosley - Adjunct, Community Education
Judith Ann Horvath - Adjunct, Business and Technology, Online Learning
Anthony A. Jordan - Adjunct, Business and Technology, Online Learning
Susan L. LaBrie - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Jerilyn L. Leiendecker - Information Services Assistant, Library
Frank C. Leland - Adjunct, Community Education
Sharon A. Linardi - Adjunct, Community Education
Joseph J. Locke - Adjunct, Community Education
Michael B. Miller - Adjunct, Business and Technology, Online Learning
David B. Rakowski - Adjunct, Business and Technology, Online Learning
Maria M. Santiago - Custodian
H. David Swoyer - Adjunct, Community Education
Dawn M. Walck - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences, Online Learning
Lester L. Walter - Security Officer
Judy L. Werner - Catering Server  

Full Time
Heidi Butler - Director, Public Information and Community Relations
Holly B. Maxwell - Finance Office Assistant
Joseph Scocozza - Instructional Technologist
Kenton R. Sem - Library Computer Technician  

Part Time
Jennifer L. Bell - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences - Monroe Campus
Harold Lynn Keck - Adjunct, Community Education
Marcus A. Statham - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Debra E. Wetcher-Hendricks - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences, Online Learning  

Full Time
Donna S. Acerra - Professor, Communication/Theatre
Rebecca Dean - Professor, Communication/Theatre
Joseph E. Homay - Maintenance
Gail M. Mrowinski - Associate Dean, Community Education
Charles E. Rinehimer - Professor, Biology/Veterinary Technology
John G. (Skip) Todora, Jr. - Technical Assistant/Engineering Technician
Tonya J. Turtzo - Associate Professor, Dental Hygiene
Christine V. Wetzel-Ulrich - Associate Professor, Mathematics 

Part Time
Susan C. Boehret - Adjunct, Community Education
Diane T. Gerhab - Cashier, Bursar's Office
Deborah Ann Gschrey - Adjunct, Allied Health and Sciences
Barbara A. Kitner - Adjunct, Community Education
Patti Ann Lizut - Adjunct, Community Education
Jane R. Matsinger - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences, Online Learning
Franklin S. Reinhard - Adjunct, Community Education
Patricia A. Shea - Adjunct, Allied Health and Sciences
Richard E. Weaver - Adjunct, Community Education  

Full Time
Patrice M. Boulous - Assistant Director, Admissions/International Students
Mark W. Orse - Admissions Assistant 

Part Time
Mary Ann C. Belchunes - Admissions Assistant
Thomas J. Frangicetto - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences, Online Learning  

Full Time
Michelene A. Unger - Records Assistant 

Part Time
Jennifer Trumbauer - Adjunct, Community Education  

Full Time
Dennis C. Ebersole - Professor, Math/Computer/Information Science
Earl R. Page - Professor, History/Sociology 

Spartan Tradition of Excellence Award Recipients: 
Karen Anderko, Biology
Jeff Armstrong, Psychology
Jeff Kapcsos, Physical Plant
Information Services Team of: Stephanie Druckenmiller, Will Fulmer, Robin Johnson
John Evans, Emergency Services