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Things that go bump in the Lehigh Valley

It was an event to die for

Someone like Charles Adams III, who has investigated and written about paranormal activities for more than 30 years, knows how to tell a ghost story. And how to get a roomful of people to jump in their seats! Charles Adams III

Whether it's the spirit of a seven-year-old boy singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" from another time, a phantom patron in the Easton Library, or the after-life doings of the first known serial killer in Pennsylvania, Adams knows the tale. He shared these chilling stories of haunted places in the Lehigh Valley and beyond at a talk at Northampton Community College on October 24.

"In this day and age, I can take my phone and ask Siri if ghosts exist," Adams said. "But ghosts still make us wonder. Humans should never lose the desire or ability to wonder."

Adams had the audience enthralled with tales of Hawk Mountain, a beautiful nature sanctuary in Kempton, PA. Although a scenic place to visit, Adams also dubs it "some of the most haunted trails and woods anywhere in the world. And I've been to castles in Scotland and ghost towns in the West."

Adams described a history of massacres on Hawk Mountain dating from the French and Indian War, including the Gerhardt family who was burned alive in their home. When relating the eerie tale of Matthias Schambacher, who lived on the mountain and confessed on his death bed to murdering 14 travelers, Adams startled the audience with a loud exclamation, causing everyone to jump in their chairs.

After his talk (and the thrills and chills) Adams signed copies of his books Ghosts of the Lehigh Valley, Berks the Bizarre, Pocono Ghosts, Legends and Lore and many more of surrounding areas including Philadelphia, New York and Cape May, New Jersey. He has appeared on The History Channel's "Haunted America: New York" and "Haunted America: Philadelphia" programs and has served as consultant and on-air "expert" for programs on hauntings and ghosts on The Learning Channel, MTV, and The Travel Channel. His latest television work is a segment filmed at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia for The Travel Channel's "Mysterious Journeys" series. Adams has also organized and escorted tours of haunted places in the United States, England, and Scotland.